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Re: Pls write to Tarvacin to try on Herpes Virus instead of Hepatitis C. by #26295 ..... Herpes Simplex 1 Forum

Date:   5/23/2005 4:46:38 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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this is a great book on alkalinity which is the same thing as oxygenation/ionization/ozonation:

"the acid alkaline balance diet"

It took me about a year of taking an alkaline potion (with TONS of vitamin c ala linus pauling therapy) every day and night before my outbreaks disappeared, but they finally subsided. Before then it was chronic, and continuous.

I have friends who have used ozone therapy for herpes with success but this is the same thing as alkalinizing. Is is a quick fix method of oxygenating/alkalinizing the tissue of the body which can also be done with other methods.

I have been polling friends who get coldsores for some time now and have concluded that for all of them it has to do with overly acidic activities and lack of oxygenating activities. At least, this is what they believe too!

It doesn't happen overnight, but I pray you are giving it a try. That book is a great start! And not everyone functions from the same baseline it seems. Some people seem to naturally be more acidic from what I have read.

Thanks for the info about Tarvacin. If I lived in the continental united states I might consider it.

Best to You,



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