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Date:   6/27/2004 1:06:54 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I forgot one thing. It's the very least problem but you never know, it might be a problem for some with eating disorders maybe. Everyone on earth are now poisoned. We have about 1000 times more lead in our bones than a hundred years ago for example. If you have gained a lot of information and done everything from changing your thoughts on life to eating better and getting rid of unseen infections whatever they might be, there's still toxins that can interfere with the body's chemistry, making your thought's depressed and you cognity foggy. After everything else has been done and you don't get any improvement within a year, then maybe chelation could be an idea. The expert on chelation is Garry Gordon. If there's a lot of toxins in the brain it can definately affect the brain chemistry making you more prone to starve or binge eat. Also don't colour your whole hair putting hair colour on the actual head, it's dangerous and can affect your brain. Don't talk on cell-phones without headset and don't eat microvawe food often. These are all strongly affecting the brain-blood barrier making it easier for toxins to enter the brain and cause different illnesses. They are also in themselves making dangerous chemicals(microvawes and cell-phones)


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