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Date:   8/18/2006 10:05:32 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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hi mary.

well, last night i went to a school sponsered picnic for the marching band. this was at 6:30. the main course was hotdogs! so what i did was take a couple of samples of the different kinds of chips, maybe a small handful all total, and they had half a Watermelon here full of Watermelon balls, so i tried to restrain myself and still ended up eating almost half of the Watermelon balls. they were very good. there were still watermelon balls left at the end. then later, back home, i made a ceasar salad - organic romaine, dab of organic dressing, and a handfull of cherry tomatoes, a slice of red onion, and for desert i threw a few organic croutons and a few flakes of shaved parmasean cheese on top. i put Sea Salt on the tomatoes, which i had thoroughly washed and sliced in half.

i eat whatever i want, basically, but avoid certain things with a passion - that would be a long story. the worse it is for me, the less of it i eat, if i feel i must at all. the croutons and cheese were an example last night. oh yea, i had a couple of clementines at home just before going to the picnic so i would be prepared to eat nothing if need be.

secondly, i sleep when i am healing or stressed. i used to sleep a lot. i like to get 6-8hrs, but i can get along real well on 4 for a couple of days in a row if need be. the key for me is hydration, especially of the joints and cartilage. i learned from mh that a Sea Salt soak to relax the back and hydrate from without and drinking some juice or water can pretty much do the same as 8 hours in bed, body-wise anyway.

as for the mind? people are all the time telling me to wake up and enter the real world!!!! uhn-uh.

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