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Re: McDonalds??? by 2dreem ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   8/14/2006 7:53:28 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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That's wonderful that your son is doing good with the swedish bitters. But supplements only help the body fight off the toxic load, what you really need to do is reduce the load. You will not gain the health you seek until you stop eating all junk so as to rid your body of the biggest toxic load you can give it. BAD food. We are all only just trying to help you realize that every single bit of unhealthy food you eat causes a bigger buildup of toxins in the body and can and will cause health problems. If you want your son to get healthy you gonna to have to realize sometime that you simply CANNOT eat foods that are harmful to your health(Mcdonalds is one of the worst). Now, I'm not saying if you only ate out say once a month that it's going to kill you, but if you are eating out at fast food places at least 2 times a week this is a BIG problems and it WILL prevent success in regaing health. When someone is mentioning numerous junk food places that they eat at, it's obvious that it's a part of their regular diet and that's a cause for alarm. There are no different diseases, there is only one disease and it is cellular malfunction caused by what you put in your body. The sooner you realize that the sooner your son will regain his health. I'm really tired of hearing people say their too busy to eat a healthy diet(this NEVER includes Mcdonalds), like you said, most of us have crazy schedules and think we don't have time to eat a good diet, but you know what, most of us are dying of cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, ect..if your gonna live like most people your gonna die like most people. Do you see any of us healthy people on curezone saying that we eat Mcdonalds SOMETIMES. No. And you never will. America's have the opportunity to eat anything they like, you can certainly eat healthy. It just isn't as convenient as fast food. You can complain all you want about your son's health but unless you make these changes you will continue to see the same results.

Learn from the people who have what you want, stay away from the people who don't.


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