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Bless you, Unyquity, for knowing what I need. by fledgling ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/29/2006 3:56:33 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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My husband bought the other, thinking to help my pain.

It could have any one of a dozen causes, I don't have a clue. And, I've no intention of letting a doctor at me unless I'm flat on my back.

The gall-bladder thing got really achy, from sitting all day. So I went out metal-detecting for a few hours on the beach, at sunrise. (Grin!)

Gently swinging my detector, balancing and digging with my long-handled scoop, well, I cleared a lot of junk that would hurt little bare feet.

I didn't get entirely skunked, either. I found a couple of shiny pennies, and gave them to two little kids. Lots of kids' hair clips, and a bushel (well, nearly) of bobby pins.

The guys we treasure-hunt with were there, and it cheers them to see a woman get at it.

Yes, I'm stiff afterward, but I sleep wonderfully, and the liver/gall-bladder ache subsides. Also, somebody said that candida hates exercise and sunshine. Don't know that it's candida, but I got a good serving of both.

I'm going after Miracle II products. Many thanks for telling me about them.

I gave up soap nearly a year ago, hoping to curb this rash. Tried other things, too.

I'll report. It adds to the store of knowledge.

My best,


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