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Re: Product reassurance, please by unyquity ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/29/2006 3:58:49 AM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I'm glad you found my post helpful...and I REALLY appreciate you taking the time to let me know.

I have used Miracle II products now for quite a few years, both for our health, and because the Miracle II soap will replace virtually EVERY toxic cleaning product in the home (and they work FAR better than the commercial preparations).

There is truly nothing better than having a long bath with a bit of Miracle II soap & neutralizer fluid. It totally takes the acids and toxins out of the skin and revitalizes & rehydrates, too. I'm starting to get that wonderful (not!) "alligator skin" that happens as we age, and everytime I soak in a Miracle II bath, the wrinkles just disappear and my skin becomes unbelievably "plump" and smooth. (You should read the testimonies of folks that have their first Miracle II bath! Sometimes the water turns black or green from the toxins and acids in their skin. There are folks that have cure a lifetime of extreme excema simply by drinking a few drops of the neutralizer daily and bathing in the soap/neutralizer...amazing stuff! --and 100% non-toxic, too :)

I've been into 'natural health and healing' for decades, and although I have purchased (and make) several different healing herbal tinctures and various products over the years, if I had to narrow it down to the "bare bones" essentials for health, I'd chose:

Miracle II Neutralizer & Soap (alkalizes the body; neutralizes toxins; hydrates the body better causing better flow of everything, and replaces all toxic cleaners, personal hygience and household products)

High quality Fish Oil (I won't eat fish because of the mercury, and my body seems to utilize this form of Omega 3 fat better than the plant oils)

Super Food (With the earth being SO depleted, even a fantastic raw, mostly vegetable & fruit diet just cannot give us everything our bodies need).

Organic coffee for enemas (not only does the coffee enemas cleanse and flush the liver, but it also removes the damaging free radicals from our bloodstream for the entire time the enemas is retained. AND a series of deep coffee enemas will work as a Bowel Cleanse as well).

Lol, I realize you didn't ask for all that information, but somehow I just felt like taking the time to share it. :)

Here's to your health!



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