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Re: Dehydration -- how do you get enough water? by #38976 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/21/2006 7:19:57 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I am so glad to hear you may be onto something to answer your body’s call for help.

I would suggest reading up on the Adrenal forum, and this may give you an indication as to whether or not this may be a contributing factor.

Whatever methods you decide on to correct your body’s chemistry, I highly recommend that your try to read some of Owen’s posts, perhaps searching through the R & R/N as an initial guide.

Whatever steps I have undertaken in the past year or so, have always been guided by his very wise posts. The smallest of changes, when combined with his advice have had such a noticeable effect – it is truly encouraging. Most importantly, are his messages about how to treat our body, love ourselves and take care of the body-spirit connection.

For example, blessing my food has reignited my connection to my long lost father, as this was a routine he never would do without - and created a heretofore missing source of general warmth and well being for me.

Following his advice, I started talking to my body just before taking my assorted drinks, lemon water and supplements etc.., and the feeling is one of heightened awareness – like the power of intention has been activated. I no longer “have” to remember – the body or particular organ now has embedded “instructions”.

As an example – and back to your question: I started taking ChlorOxygen drops (18/day), Briar Rose drops (50/day) and Methylcobalamin B and telling my adrenals to use these supplements to heal and to strengthen. Picturing them in my mind as I do so.

The first day, I slept through the night. First time in over 2-1/2 years – and have been since, each and every night. I truly think that by following Owen’s advice you’ll be energizing whatever protocol you decide on.

Here is a sample (regarding dry skin brushing) of his posts, but there are plenty throughout CureZone:

“I also suggest that you talk to your body
while you're brushing. If you live with people
and hesitate to talk to yourself, then do
it mentally. As you brush each section of
your body, tell it how much you love it.
Say a loving hello to all the organs that
are just below your skin. Thank them all for
the wonderful work/play that they do for you.
If one part is hurting, say a shoulder, ask
the other organs to send healing energy to
your hurting shoulder. Brush gentle circles
around your shoulder, and ask it to release
whatever energy blockages are causing you

This may sound airy-fairy, but I've learned,
over the years, that my body thrives on
verbal TLC. Our bodies are like little children. They love to hear how much we love
them, and never get tired of it. Alas. most
people ignore their bodies -- and end up
paying the price for their ignorance.

The first time you talk to your body while
brushing, it may sound crazy. After a month,
it will seem normal. And after 6 months, it
will seem like the Deep Wisdom it is. Trust
me, and give it a try.”


Hope you find answers and keep posting what has worked and what has simply not done much to change things. It helps so much to hear what results are worth investigating.

MadArt (ist)

BTW Unyquity’s product suggestion sounds very interesting – gotta hit those links!


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