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Re: question please, for people who have knowledge of these medicines and/or 'arthritis' ? by #68812 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/28/2006 1:26:35 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I'd like to thank everyone for your help! I really appreciate your taking the time...

Owen, your question about me going to mexico choked me up a little. My mother all but asked me a little while ago to come down, but it wasn't going to work, and I think what she'll probably do is come up here to Canada this summer, so that I can help her begin to reconnect with eating/living more naturally. Thanks for your warm thoughts and prayers.

Everyone, *lots* of good thoughts, and thanks too for these links.

I've been accumulating so much health and healing info. these last few years, partly wanting to share it all with family *before* any one of us gets too far into the system -- that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with it all, with prioritizing and adjusting protocols to what's most doable-- while I am aware and utterly convinced that the simpler ways to health are the best ways to go. It's so true that one drug only leads to another and another, and the worst of this is the feeling of 'helplessness' that these 'medicines' breed.

It is absurd somehow to imagine one might be able to sort out what these drugs might all be doing togther. I can see why the doctor hasn't been able to tell her about side-effects.

The prednisone scares me actually. I've watched my ex-husband go through years of using it for an unknown eye condition that almost lost him his sight. Finally, he got off it, and all other drugs that were given to manage the side-effects, and is now dealing with osteoporosis...but he's much better -- so I've watched this kind of suffering before. I had become determined to be the example that speaks louder than all my suggestions and impassioned 'help'. I guess what is most heartening to me now, is that my mother is truly asking for help, rather than just 'relief'.

Thanks again for all your good thoughts and help, and for 'listening'.

Good health to all!

I'll post back on the update...



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