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Re: Wonderful success, in one day! by #25098 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   5/25/2006 4:41:18 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Thank you, 36!

I'll try that combination, even if I can only run the vegetables through the food processor or blender, and scoop it with a spoon.

I love cilantro, because my tastes have changed from long ago. If anyone has trouble getting used to new tastes, don't despair. Once your body realizes their value, you'll crave them. I promise!

I've been eating really good food for many years, and I knew about acid vs. alkali, but I didn't stop to measure the balance of 80% + 20%. (Duh!) I'm sure I had them crossed!

If the heavily acidic food I ate yesterday can make this much of a difference, just by adding cucumber, fresh pineapple, and a little ACV, what could a balanced pH diet do?!!!

(Many thanks to the wonderful person who wrote about fresh pineapple and ACV! I'll be putting a jarful into my cupboard to blend the flavors. For six months? If I can wait that long.)

I forgot to tell that I had a couple of sticks of dried kelp in the past two days. I have great hopes for kelp, seeing as how it chases crawlies.

All told, there's something to be said for adding simple elements to the diet, and allowing the rest to dwindle. I've always found it hard to jump into a 'diet' and stick with it.

Also, dh does all the grocery shopping. It is better for our relationship to show joy over certain things he brings home than to restrict his choices.

Cilantro tomorrow!

I didn't go for that nap, yet! And I'm chomping on raw green beans as I type. Not cigs. Now, where are those wildcats I'm supposed to whip?!


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