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Re: Mary- Please read this letter! by #1976 ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/20/2002 4:52:44 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Mary - Sorry to hear of your miserable situation with sensitivities. Can I suggest you rethink you Bowel Cleanse decision? This is how I finally got free of all sensitivities allergic reactions regular migraines and food intolerances .

Magnesium oxide powder is a simple effective npn irritant bowel cleanse. I had multiple sensitivities too - and horrible weight gain. I speeded the process up wonderfully by going to a colonic hydrotherapist for four sessions after the first week on magnesium oxide. You clean out without having any 'healing crises' symptoms.

It's taken me ages to get back to being symptom free - and at the beginning magnesium oxide colon flushing was the only thing that didn't cause a serious reaction.

Later if you can tolerate that - say for a month - I would highly recommend a product called Aim Fiberblend, in conjunction with hydrated bentonite.(attracts toxins which otheriwse be absorbed)

The fiberblend (available online) is most effective when you can finally tolerate psyllium - something I couldn't do for years - until I discovered bowel cleansing with magnesium oxide.

The toxins in your body are spilling out everywhere - so the more you can release from your bowel the better. Trust the process -even if you do lose weight in the beginning. If you have parasitic activity - it will cause this. But you will get past that - especially with magnesium oxide which literally oxygenates your digestive tract - making it 'unfriendly' to unwanted 'guests'.

If you have marked improvements from a couple of months of colon cleansing - you can try a couple of liver flushes. Then when youve got maybe a thousand stones out - you could be ready to tolerate a master cleanse.

It has been my experience that as your body heals it stops reacting to everything as a trigger. Although I take it carefully - there is nothing taken in moderation that debilitates me. A far cry from the early days.


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