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Re: Mary- Please read this letter! by Mary ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/30/2002 10:12:10 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Thank you so much for your compassion. I need to know there is someone out there that cares. I have not been on this site since April.

I am up in weight, up to 105 the had another bout with kidney stones and back down to 101. I wish I knew what to do.

I was not feeling too awfully well, lots of back pain, knee pain, foot pain and trouble urinating, fatigue and lots of other stuff. I decided not to do any cleanses (kidney or gallbladder) until I got up to at lest 105-110. Cleanses make me loose weight and I am a bit of
a toothpick already. But I felt so horrible. I drank some herbal tea, for my kidney stones. I purchased it at It is Gold coin grass, eucomia and corn silk. I omiited the corn silk, cause I am allergic to it. I did not want to do this but I felt horrible and vowed to stop the minute I started to drop too much weight or just got too weak. Well, I felt so tired and I only drank 4 oz. a bedtime for 3 days 1/2 strength. The dose is 8 ozs 4 times a day for 3-6 weeks to break up all the stones.

Well I started to feel better after I stopped the tea. Then a few days later I started to have blood in my urine and weak urine and all the signs of infection, including a yellow tongue. I started drinking an infection tea and a week later I passed stones. Gee whiz. I thought all was fine and stopped drinking the infection tea, then a few days later, I started to get my leg and back pain back, my edema, and red pea and weak and fanned urine, rashes, bloody noses, acne, tingly fingers and TMJ pain. Here we go again. not sure what to do, I started up the infection tea again. Still having problems urinating, I got scared and thought, what is going on with my kidneys.
One can not hang on to urine forever, before damage is done. So I decided wait no more get these kidney stones out once and for all.
I have been drinking both kidney and infection tea for about 1 week now. It is going better this time. I think the infection tea is cooling things off a bit and I am drink the tea 1/2 strength but 8 ozs four times a day on an empty stomach and the infection tea at other times. I am eatting regularly, cause when I tryed to eat very little as you are supposed to do during an infectiom, I got headaches. (hypoglycemia). I pass stones fairly painlessly due to the herbs breaking then up, but unsure how long I have to drink the tea.

Are these kidney stones microscopic or something? I feel them come out and urine flows stronger after they do, but all I see coming out is mucus, blood and an occational teeny tiny black dot.

I am watching my weight very closely, so I don't get too low, but I am still hanging in there at around 101.

I am eating better now as well. I bought this book called "Healing with Whole Foods" It describes what you should and should not eat with certain conditions like a congested liver, kidney problems, and candida. I found out why I can't eat certain things. It is not so much that I am allergic to them but it might be bad for a certain weak organ that I have. (Maybe that is why a year of NAET did not work.) Like it said to avoid parsley if you have a bad liver. I can now eat beets and winter squash and chestnuts along with the beef and Sea Salt . I avoid the brocolii I was eating cause it is too cleansing and it was keeping my weight low. I also stopped taheebo. It is also very cleansing and keeping my weight low. I needed to control my candida that got out of control (I drank it daily for 6 monthes), but I could not stand the exhausstion it caused me. I am too week for cleansing herbs and foods. I need building foods. I eats lots of beef. I am eating chicken on occation as well. I can't eat it very often because I get too cold if I don't eat warming meat such as beef or lamb. Pork is also a coolish meat comparitively.
I eat peas on occation but only if I need a bowel movement.

My mood is also up and I am not so tired as I was. It is a pain to
have chemical sensitivity, and be stapled to the house. I am thinking of getting one of those masks so I can go out more. I just don't want to be seen as one of those nuts with a mask! I have been working on this flower bed to get rid of the weeds. It hurts to do but I need the sunshine and something else to think about other than all my physical problems. I have to go to the chiropractor a lot due to the fact I always am throwing something out. I heard the visits go down after you get the Gallstones out. I can only pray that is true.

I so want to do another gallbladder flush. One thing at a time. I have to get stonger and able to handle the oil and lemon juice. I did the last one in October and messed up and fed my candida with apple juice and I so paid the price. I did not even know candida was still a problem for me, since I don't eat Sugar at all because of my hypoglycemia.

And I did try NET for about 6 visits at about $110 for 30 minutes a pop. She hit on something so stong that I could only eat baby rice cereal for 1 month. NO kidding. She is so popular that I could not
get an appointment with her to fix it for 1 month. After I went back in she cleared some other emotional stuff and I could eat again. This NET is so powerful but only temporary I believe. I would feel good for a while then bad again. When your kidneys are messed up your body holds on to unreasonable fears. Well I have plenty of those.

How are you now, you sound like you have been through a lot.

I am 40, but feel 60-80 at times.

I am scared of Dr Shulzes products. I did his Colon Cleanse and that was when I started to loose ridiculous amounts of weight. I did the cleanse last June and only now, 1 year latter gained some of the weight back. I was 114 before the cleanse and 101 now. I have heard his herbs are too strong for some people. I had a little friend who also tryed his version of a Colon Cleanse but found it too strong.

Again thank you for the you are not alone part. It touched me.


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