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TOTO's Red Herring? Vtool's GP, NAZI KILLER!!! by vtool ..... Gay/Lesbian Marriage & Adoption

Date:   1/26/2006 1:45:56 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Toto, to answer your red herring post (detracting), I offer you the following REPOST from the Webmaster's forum, that I wrote responding to 2-tuff. While I value and share some of his health and conspiratorial perspectives (THE VATICAN IS PURE EVIL, PURE ANTICHRIST, and RESPONSIBLE FOR MORE MURDERS AS THE POPE HAS WRITTEN A PUBLIC APOLOGY FOR THIS IN 2000 ASKING FOR FORGIVENESS OF THE CATHOLIC EVIL CHURCH), I STAUNCHLY DISAGREE with some of them. However, he has made a point on cancer protocols, which is invalauble to me personally, and has caused me to challenge and remember the BASICS in that regard... so the DEBATE has been not only challenging, but provoking toward a review of basic protocols, and perhaps LIFE SAVING. - here's my response to 2-Tuff's post (don't remember which) -

This idiocy of downplaying the severity of the holocaust is a really serious matter, one which American citizens may themselves face, under martial law soon, after we SMASH Syria and suffer tremendous counter/parallel attacks as God's Word promises is going to happen per the Bible.

My grandfather was in WWII, and whether you want to count the number at 2 million, 6 million, 12 million, or 48 million, it really matters not so much as the fact that it HAPPENED, and it was a HOLOCAUST. That's the real TRUTH, and that the SAME is planned for the American people soon who resist the full enforcement of a NEW WORLD ORDER that Bush, Clintonistias, The New Pope are all OPENLY and LOUDLY calling for the FINAL SOLUTION for all the WORLD's PROBLEMS ;)

My grandfather was a gunner on a tank and on the front line invasion force for the allies INTO NAZI OCCUPIED GERMANY during WWII. He shot and KILLED DEAD a lot of Germans. I got a kick out of that story when sharing it with the Germans who happened to have the wonderful experience of being my roommate at the Hostel there in Downtown Auckland ;))))

As a young boy, I will never forget the confusion and shock I would get when my grandfather would awake hands flailing and face squirmished, clearly disturbed from a hellish nightmare... ONE in WHICH HE LIVED.

THE HOLOCAUST was REAL. It was SO REAL that when the tanks would drive forward on their tracks and squeam about and SQUISH from all the dead bodies of the Jews laying piled up and scattered about all like so much cordwood. This is no joke, and my grandfather is STILL ALIVE to this day to tell the true story of WWII.

In fact, the German Nazi's HATED the Jews SO MUCH that even in retreat from the advancing allied front (Allies) and to save much needed and scarce ammunition, they simply would put them all in barns, and set them on fire to kill them.

Imagine that,,, BURNING JEWS, and the SCREAMS... the smell, the blood,,, burning, blistering, the falling bodies, burnt black, and red, and of white flesh.

Yeah... maybe you guys are right.. eh, hey, maybe it was only 2 mill, 6 mill, 12 mill, maybe 48... who knows... but it was, and continues to be the atrocity of the century, perhaps of all time, and for lesser enlightened people to downplay the horror, tragedy, and utter MOST IMPORTANT LESSON in that

THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, that which was, is, or will be, and there is nothing which has not BEEN BEFORE.

That is to say, dear friends, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, the N.W.O. IS THE FOURTH REICH, and fundamentalist Christians, Jews, or Islamic ie. THOSE WHO REFUSE THE MARC OF THE BEAST SUPERCOMPUTERS (tracking chip with UPIC 666 bar coding to buy or sell)
WILL BE VICTIMS of this coming Holocaust.

After all, it's a matter of choice, after all UPIC, you decide.

Oh, and the gas chambers and ovens existed,,, and they were used... some major U.S. Company put the gas pellets down the spouts or little pipe thingys' and gassed them, they burned them, shot them, and burned them...

I suppose that's why some U.S. Soldiers would come along, and offer my grandfather a few bucks to "borrow" some of the German soldiers he had either taken prisoner, or who had surrendered to him. After my grandfather got payment, honestly thinking no harm would come to the German Soldier, he would see the American G.I.'s take them off into the woods out of view, and hear shots fired, a body fall, and no one returned.

The Germans had it easy. They went quickly. The Jews?


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