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Re: where does it stop by MrCooties ..... Gay/Lesbian Marriage & Adoption

Date:   5/5/2005 3:43:46 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I think you are right, people will interpret whatever they want to belive from the bible. Does that make the bible good or bad? It's like a psychologist repeating over and over "what do you think" to a patient, without really telling him/her what they should do. It's still up to the individual to figure out, and more often than not they'll just do what they want regardless of the bible but use the bible as an excuse for why they did it. Personally I don't think people's core values are changed by religion or bibles. People know what's wrong and right, and those who really don't won't be changed too much from a bible. How can they interpret a bible if they can't interpret daily life?

Why the need to preach or teach at all? Is the bible meant to be a learning tool or a way to measure other people? Maybe one should focus more on the inner self instead of preaching and teaching others. Some see the bible as a learning tool, some use it to judge and label others. I mean no disrespect but you say that you follow the bible but you fall short of bible values every day, then you use the bible to tell others they also fall short of your bible's values. How can you blame others for not following your bible's values if you yourself can't measure up to them?

People should have freedoms up to the point they are harming others. On a deeper and perhaps more personal level I have to question motives and personal issues of those who try to control and judge others who are not affecting them. Another poster recently posted "Who Cares?????". That pretty much sums it up. Why care what others do if it doesn't affect you? Too much preaching and teaching and judging can be a waste of life. Maybe thinking things through too much serves only to complicate and confuse things. It's like (sorry another analogy...) reading the instructions to a board game over and over instead of just playing the game and doing what the game was meant for - having fun. Maybe just getting on with life and saying "Who cares???" is ok.


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