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Herbs that may bust those sugar cravings by harlemmother ..... Sugar Forum, Sugar Addiction

Date:   4/25/2005 12:29:59 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Peace, like many millions of people nation wide I have finally fully acknowledged my life-long addiction to sugar. I have to have it every day, and when I try my hardest to quit cold turkey I get these annoying trembles like I'm losing my mind, my body temperature is erratic, I'm extrememly irritable, and I can't consentrate worth shit. I feel like someone on crack! There's only about a degree of difference between refined Sugar and narcotics, in truth. Anyways, I'm trying something new now. I got this herb powder called Gymnema from a health food store and I was told that this herb works to both stabilize blood glucose levels in the body and ultimately lower your tolerance to Sugar to the point where your most coveted poisons taste nastier than tar. Now, I surely can't imagine chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars tasting anything but damn good, so this should be a most interesting experience. I want to know if anyone has tried this herb before and what you experienced, or if anyone has tried any other natural craving inhibitors. I also read that chromium and vallidium can curb cravings as well. I am so desperate to try what ever has worked for anyone because I believe I'm on a downhill spiral as far as my health is concerned.

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