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Re: do not use apple juice if you have candida, I did and paid the price! by george ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/17/2002 8:48:44 AM ( 21 years ago ago)
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Mary, what is your blood type, and have you tried eating foods for your blood type?


> Gallbladder flush and candida
> Apple juice
> do not use the apple juice if you have candida. I did (mistake!)
> Apple juice is used to help the bile move. It was very good at that. I moved
> a lot of liquid yellow stuff. But my candida went way out of control. (I got
> dizzy and extremely confused among other things) I really did not still think
> I had a problem with it.
> I did my first flush in October and I am still fighting with candida.
> Taheebo
> I am now using a herb (a bard of a tree actually) called Taheebo (or pau 'd arco)
> to control my candida. I am thinking much more clearly now. It has many uses.
> I will list a few of them: kills fungus and many other pathogens including parasites,
> relieves pain, detoxes liver and blood, helps bile to move, strengthens the liver and
> all other organs. I think it works for lots of things because it imparts oxygen into
> the water. It is hard to find a good source of the bark. I purchase mine at
> It can also be purchased at The
> first site is a wealth of information about taheebo and includes specific instructions
> for making the tea. It is very important that the tea is made properly and
> purchased from a reputable source. I made my tea incorrectly for a while and it
> was not as effective. I am good at making mistakes.
> I have many, many food allergies . I only can eat beef, lamb, buffalo, green beans
> broccoli,and unrefined Sea Salt , but am able to tolerate the tea, but at a reduced
> strength. At full strength, I was so very tired. (this is a detox symptom) The
> site also says it is ok to sweeten the tea tea. I did this as well - anther big mistake.
> I did beat myself up about all the mistakes I made with my health, but I'm
> learning along the way. I don't used any sweetener now. I think it tastes fine
> without it. It is great with maple syrup for those of you without candida,
> hypoglycemia or diabetes. I have been incresing the strength of the tea every
> week or two since november 2001 and plan to try another flush after I get up to
> the recomended dose. This should be in about 2 months. I was hoping be at this
> dose by this spring since the gallbladder flushes are supposed to be more effective
> in the spring, but oh well!
> If anyone is interested in more details about the taheebo tea or my experiences with it
> just ask.
> Mary.


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