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Re: what foods will prevent.. stop gallstone formation, flush length by Mary ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/16/2002 1:16:07 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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> Foodwise, what are all the products that contribute to gallstone formation...and
even if a person does not eat them..could they develop?

Cesareans: a big cause of Gallstones because the area becomes paralyzed.

Stress: congests the liver and constricts the blood vessels.

lack of exercise: This stagnates the system

personal comment:
Digestion always suffers when there is stress because when you are under stress,
the blood that should be in the intestines and other digestion organs, rushes to the
muscles such as the legs so you can run from that bear. Never mind their is no bear,
in our modern world to run from or fight with. And since you are not going to beat up
your boss or run down the hall away from him, you stay stressed, which is why exercise
is so very important. You need to burn off all those stress hormones from that
encounter with the bear I mean your boss.

Eating to close to bedtime: The liver cleans out the blood between 1 and 3 am. If you
eat closer than 3-5 hours before bed, you are telling you liver I don't want to clean my
blood tonight, I wat to digest my food. You will also not sleep very well if you eat before
going to bed. If you choose to eat before bed, eat something that you can digest quicky,
meat takes the longest to digest, fruits and veggies the least.

Source of the following The book "nourishing traditions". and

Diet: Too much polyunsaturated Fat in the diet.
low fat/no fat diet

To get more omega 3 oil in your diet eat more pasture raised meet and free range
poultry. Grain fed animals contain unbalanced omega 3:6 fat ratio. To find sources
of pastured meat in your state click on supplers at . I get all my meat
from . It is cheaper, fresher, healthier and contains no hormones,
Antibiotics , and fed on purely unsprayed pasture. Oh, I forgot it tastes mush better!

Low fat or no fat diet is a problem because if you eat no fat the bile does not flow.



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