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Re: update on my mum by -2tuff- ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   8/16/2005 10:45:15 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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From a curing point of view if you still have allopathic treatment its hardly likely that our hollistic approach will work. All our hollistic approach will do in this case will decrease some of the severity of the SIDE EFFECTS of allopathic treatment.

Now you will find that so much of the Cancer will have become Multi-Drug-Resistance (MDR) in order to attack MDR you need Pineapples (BROMELAIN) and Paw Paw/Papaya (Papain) again its all about Proteolitic Enzymes which eat away at the stealthy drug resistant coating.

My friend in order to heal you have to go through some problems before hand which can equal pain, fatigue, cold symptoms, rashes etc its called herxheimer. Many people make the foolish mistake of stopping at the sign of a Herx thinking their body dont like whats happening. Keep the enzymes no matter what pain arises.

Right now your seeing that Allopathic treatment ISN'T working. If I was in your shoes I would dump it immediately and concentrate on real healing. One way or another the patient will either survive and be cured, live a lot longer or pass away. Theres nothing to lose really!

Don't rely on the IP6, Flax Oil (you dont know how its been processed), EPA etc. Concentrate on Barley Grass, VITAMIN C, Ozone, Organic Diet (20lbs of food a day) get KOMBUCHA TEA (unpasturised) and a Blood Electrification unit (sota ZBB5), drink Cayenne Pepper drinks. Has the patient done any organ cleanses following either Clark or Schulze methods? I doubt this!

Vitamin C 100-200 grams daily (IV if possible for blood plasma saturation)
KOMBUCHA TEA 1-2 litres a day divided up 5-8
Water 2 litres very minimum
Salt (Himalayan) 1/4tsp every 1 litre of water
Medium Pineapple or more daily
1-2 Papaya's a day
20 pounds of Organic food daily including Brocolli, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage
2 hours a day blood electrification
2 cayenne pepper drinks daily (1/4 tsp to 250ml hot water)
kidney cleanse NEXT

Its that simple and if any cancer is in the Lungs then Cayenne Pepper drink and within 5 minutes put on a Nebuliser (OMRON) with 6ml of Colloidal Ionic Silver twice a day (total time around 1 hours useage). Also you can breath ozone direct after Cayenne drink utilising a Olive-Oil base. There could be some serious coughing and pain whilst the cancer is being attacked such as trouble breathing if so then lower the protocol in this area a little or completely for a day or two then attack again!

I've given you some knowledge to use its up to you to follow this and your decision on the killing via the allopathic. A body cannot heal itself whilst it is being poisoned with some of the worse chemicals known to man (mustard gas ww1)


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