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Re: PAU d'ARCO by Joan 4k ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   8/19/2004 10:00:36 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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My husband continues to mystify his doctors. Having learned in October, 2003 that he had liver cancer with a 5 cm and growing tumor and four smaller ones at the top and outside the liver, he was told he didn't qualify for either a sectioning or liver transplant and that he had about 8-9 months to live.

We immediately found and applied Dr. Clark's approach to cancer and within six days of starting her protocol, he has been totally pain free from the horrific liver pain he first went to the doctor for. He continued to slowly get better. Though he decided to have a chemo-embolization procedure done in Dec. 2003 where chemicals are "shot" directly into the major (5 cm) tumor, the other four were left alone. In Jan. of this year, we returned for a one-month check-up with an MRI. It showed no new growth but the tumor was still 5 cm and the four smaller ones were the same, nothing had changed. I even asked the doctor at the end of the visit, "Is there ever a chance when a tumor shrinks?" and she looked at me and said, "It would take a small miracle for a tumor to shrink," and said something like, it will always be there.

Two weeks before his three-month check-up in April of this year, I found out about pau d'arco tea. We liked what we read and started him on it. Two weeks later during the check-up, the MRI showed the 5 cm tumor had shrunk 20% or to 4 cm, and the four smaller tumors on the top were totally GONE! Now, if it had been the chemo-embolization that shrunk the large tumor, ok, fine. But the four smaller ones were on the outside and the artery containing the chemicals went directly into the large one only.

Not convinced yet of pau d'arco's abilities? July's check-up and MRI revealed that the only remaining tumor is now down to 1.9 cm.
Yes, we are convinced that pau d'arco tea works and continues to work at shrinking tumors. We have our next check-up in Oct., or one year from finding out he has cancer with tumors. With him drinking six to eight cups a day of that, following Dr. Clark's methods, changing his diet, drinking ozonated water and taking various vitamins and supplements, and with too many Liver Flushes than we can count, we feel that pau d'arco has done more to shrink his tumors than anything else we have applied. All the other things he has taken along with the Liver Flushes have helped to "beef up" his liver, helping it to improve its condition. Reports come back that his liver is working better with each check-up.

Anyone else reading this, give pau d'arco a try. Just like Dr. Clark's methods, or any other approaches supported by curezone, you have absolutely nothing to lose. Pau d'arco is natural, like everything here at curezone. I take everything my husband takes to make sure it doesn't hurt him. If anything, I noticed more focus/better concentration with pau d'arco, but never have either one of us felt sick in any way from it or anything else tryed.

I hope this helps you or someone else.

Good luck!

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