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SCIENCE: SIZE? How big is Gallbladder? How much bile can Gallbladder hold? by #161756 ..... Liver Flush FAQ

Date:   4/1/2002 10:33:00 AM ( 21 years ago ago)
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How big is Gallbladder? How much bile can Gallbladder hold?


Anatomy and Physiology of Gallbladder

The gallbladder is a small organ, located next to the liver that stores and concentrates bile. It has a storage capacity of 40-70ml., and by absorption of water, salts, and electrolytes through the gallbladder mucosa, the bile becomes between 4-12 times more concentrated than it was in the liver.

Bile is composed of water, bile salts, fatty acids, cholesterol, lecithin, bilirubin, and mucus. The liver makes about one quart daily and whatever isn't sent directly to the duodenum to emulsify fat is diverted to the gallbladder and stored until needed.

When fat from a meal reaches the duodenum; cholecystokinin and secretin are secreted into the circulation. Upon reaching the gallbladder, it causes it to contract. This contraction plus peristalsis in the small intestine causes the sphincter of Oddi to relax and the bile then enters the duodenum. With a fairly fatty meal, the gallbladder can completely empty within one hour.


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