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Thoughts on The STRUGGLE WITHIN by the23rdMan ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/18/2003 5:39:39 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Guys,

I thought it was about time I posted on my feelings about candida and other autoimmune conditions.

Iíve read an awful lot of stuff posted by an awful lot of people on their difficulties in getting control of yeast overgrowth. I think there are a lot of parallels that can be made to how we live our lives.

How many of us have spent years fighting a, seemingly, endless battle with yeast? All kinds of diets that we donít stick to, all manner of anti-fungals in all manner of protocols.

I think itís time to ask our SELF some fundamental questions.

Do I believe I DESERVE to get better?

Do I believe I CAN get better?

Do I WANT to get better?

It strikes me that the majority of us have plenty of knowledge on the subject of candida. It also strikes me that candida isnít really that difficult to get rid of if you follow some simple rules. You all know pretty much what these are so I wont bore you with more mental self-gratification on the subject.

As far as I can see, dealing with yeast is a matter of self-discipline. Something I see little of on these posts. Donít get me wrong, guys; Iím not putting myself on a pedestal and promoting myself as a bastion of discipline. Iím just as guilty as you. I do, however, recognise the underlying causes of our problems.

I think weíre all in this situation because weíre too bloody stubborn, or stupid to listen to the obvious signs our bodies and psyches use to inform us when there is dis-ease in our systems. Thatís when things start going wrong on a physical level. ďBloody listen to meĒ the body cries! And it makes sure we do.

If you have a candida problem, CFS, etc. then I guarantee youíre a damn sight luckier than you could possibly imagine. These conditions give you a great opportunity to work on yourself for higher levels of understanding, awareness and intelligence. I consider the spiritual module of my condition to be fundamental in my recovery. Nothing happens to you that you donít call for on some level of your being. Ask yourself why you called for this and why you havenít felt able to step away from it yet.

Personally, I know my Chronic-Fatigue-Syndrome and candida act as coping strategies Ė means of withdrawal from the world. For some it could be a way of gaining attention and sympathy. Iím sure you all know why you do these things.

My goal now is to work just as hard on the root causes of my immune dysfunction as on the more obvious physical symptoms. I know Iíve mentioned it before, but I really feel EFT is a powerful tool in unblocking emotional energetic charges. Iíve only been using it for a short while and the effects are noticeable. Hope some of you get the opportunity to try it too. Of course, if after asking yourself those core questions you still donít want to change feel free to continue in the cycles of drama.

I read a quote once that springs to mindÖ.Ēwe continue to repeat the same patterns, however destructive they are, until we learn the obvious lessons from themĒ

I may post further on this subject as I have much more to say, but for now Iíll leave you to mull it over.

Love and reiki hugs,



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