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Date:   3/17/2005 6:42:21 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I believe you've got it. Yes, DNA is an intragel part of this but anyone with the gene is not necessarily active with psoarsis. I am the baby of six children. 3 boys 3 girls. I have one sister and one brother that has active psoarsis. the remaining siblings do not. Altho they have the genetic makeup of it, it is not visibly present to them. On the other hand my one sister who doesn't have active psoarsis has 3 daughters, all of which do. It appears that it may skip a generation or some segments of people within the same family. I have 3 biological children and none of them have ever had an outbreak of psoarsis yet. Thank God!. My case is the most severe of any of us in our family. I believe that the doctors are wrong with the new biologic medications being put on the market. Suppressing the immune system is not a good thing. All sort of other ailments can manifest because of it. OUr immune system has a purpose and that is to protect our bodies from harmful affects. Eastern philosphy towards healing is actually something westerners are now admitting that is benefical to health. Manmade medications have proven over time that we are not in tune with our bodies as easterners are. Western culture tends to cover up symptoms not address the cause of the symptoms. Symptoms are a way of our bodies crying out for help. I take every thing I read, hear, or notice with a grain of salt. Some things are valid, some things need to be researched and all need to be weighed out before proclaiming it a cure. As I said before, there is no "cure". A cure is to totally abolish it. It can never be abolished unless DNA itself is altered. We can strive to heal the symptoms and give ourselves remedies to alleviate the suffering. Working from the inside out seems to be the most viable solution. Before doctors only wanted psoaritic people to slap ointments on and rub solutions on. that only addresses the visible problems. There is more to it than what we see.
As far as the herbal teas, I am quite allergic to all sorts of things in this world, lol...but seriously, I have to be most careful of what I put into my body. Numerous foods, herbs, supplements, medications, etc are harmful to me. As of last month I swore off of all medications after it put me in the ER near death. I also have other health issues(such as pancreatitis) which limits my consuming certain things. I do go to a chiropractor(most western doctors don't like chiropractors). I have been going to one for over 14 years. this was after my first accident which left me with herniated discs in my neck and a bad back. The doctors said right away...get surgery. No way Jose!! one is slicing and dicing me up. After my last accident 3 years ago, I still continue to see a chiropractor because now my whole back is messed up. the accident almost killed me. I have neurological injuries too. I also have a bad hip, knee, ankle, and carpal tunnel in both hands due to the accident. So you see my body is pretty wracked up. Western medicine has not done much for me in either my injuries nor my psoarsis. I turn to eastern philosphy. Yes, to come Cayce's address to this age old problem will help someand I say more power to those who find relief. My point is that what works for one does not work for others. Western doctors believe that what works for one should work for everyone. No 2 people are alike so why should everything work the same for everyone? we are unique and psoarsis is unique to each of us that has it. I am open minded that is why I look for new remedies to help alleviate my symptoms. When we stop looking, we stop healing. It is an ongoing trail of treatments.
Yes I've have tried numerous things from flushing out my system, to western medicines, to yoga, self awareness(for stress), chiropractors, to you name it. As I said before, from time to time I get some relief but then the remedy stop having an effect on me because my body makes adjustments for the new steps. This is true with any psoariatic person. The initial remedy may seem like a God send and it is but eventually the body adjusts and compensates for it...then the symptoms return.
The body is a wonderful machine, isn't it.

DR. Grace

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