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Re: my response by lisag ..... Psoriasis Support Forum

Date:   3/17/2005 12:28:22 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Dear Landbaroness,

Actually I do believe you. (I didn't after your first note). But, the fact that it is DNA related doesn't mean that Cayce is wrong- what you wrote means that some people with leaky gut will get Psoriasis (those with certain DNA) and others won't. Actually your note helps me in my understanding. I have wondered why some people get Psoriasis and some dont - because certainly there are more people in the world with leaky gut, and not all of them get psoriasis.

But... the fact that dna may have to be a certain way in order for Psoriasis to show up - doesn't mean that cayce was wrong- and it doesn't mean that you won't heal if you try Pagano/Cayce's protocol.

Sounds to me like if the dna is there, then the thin walls have to be there too. So... i ask you again - have you tried Cayce's/Pagano's protocol? Or are you deciding that if the doctors are right, that Cayce is wrong?

I'll take it that the doctors are right about dna being involved. However, i don't take the next leap of faith - that supressing the immune system is the answer - is ever good. I'll say straight out that the doctors are wrong on this and anyone will pay that goes this route. I took an immune supressing drug once, for another reason - and the things that happened to me because of it were just unbelievable. Prescription drugs are never the answer because they just don't address the cause of an illness (again my opinion). Supressing the immune system may help the response of the body - may help it not to respond to the food particles - but it won't help cure it. As soon as the drugs are taken away and the system is on its own, the thing would return unless the cause is taken care of. This is in my opinion where the doctors have gone wrong. Just cuz you have a psoriasis gene active doesn't mean that the intestinal walls being thin isn't another mandatory underlying cause of having psoriasis. Maybe it takes all 3 - thin intestinal walls, a gene, AND stress to activate psoriasis. That doesn't mean that you can't be cured by following cayce's protocol.

So... i've just got to ask you. I'm not trying to be obnoxious here. have you ever tried the 2 herbal teas that Cayce recommended? And, did you look at Pagano's web site?

PS I just have to say that I've gotten alot out of our notes. Debate is good...



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