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How I got well, it was "in my head" and my body by Lisa C ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   5/29/2003 9:06:45 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hello everyone,

I am posting this because after six years of going to every type of doctor, spenind thousands of dollars on tests and supplements and of course..the doctors, I started working with the one doctor that got me well. I am hoping that someone who is looking for help will get it and not have to search and wait as long as I did. If someone had put this doctor's name up years ago, I would not have gone throught he hell I did. This is a brief overview of what my life was for six, horrid years. Starting in 1997 and progressing until March of this year, I developed chronic fatigue, fibro, chemical sensitivities, candida, leaky gut, insomnia, hormonal problems, food allergies problems.

I was diagnosed at the age of 29 with bone loss in my mouth, I had been a dental assistant as a teenager with a work program at high school and at the time, played with mercury, not a good move. I was very healthy even though I was born without any friendly bacteria, the doc had my mother on cortisone when she was pregnant with me, it took me 4 months to gain one pound in the hospital.

Surprisingly, I was not a sickly child but now that I look back on it, I had signs of candida my whole life. When I was told I had bone loss, nobody could explain why, to look at my teeth they were perfect, white with pink gums. The gums started to form pockets no matter how well I took care of them and over the years, I had perio surgery, bone replacement and deep cleanings.

I got ill in 1997 which was initially Depression along with insomnia, then came the doctors with anti depressants, sleeping pills, etc. I could not take the anti depressants even at low doses and was on high doses of sleeping pills for over a year, then taken off too quickly, I believe that is what started the problems in my gut to worsen.

After that, the blood work done started to show an over active immune system and anemia along with hormonal imbalances, I was told to eat red meat and also told I must have had a cold before the blood work, I didn't. I was given hormones, all natural but never did well with them.

I smelled a bug and tar remover in 2001 and a week later, had chemical sensitivities, my liver could not handle the petroluem in it. After that, my food allergies got much worse, I developed almost all of the symptoms of candida and my health went down hill fast along with my gums.

In January of this year, my perio surgeon told me I needed all of my teeth pulled because I was developing abcesses regularly and the bone loss was too great to repair, yet, he never said why the infection in my gums would not go away (I refused to take Antibiotics )

The dentist pulled a molar that was abcessed on January 11th, after that, my health declined rapidly. By chance, I ordered some minerals from NEEDS thinking I was out of them. When I received my package there was a magazine in it that I almost threw away but since Bernard Jensen was on the cover, decided to read it. In the back, there was a ad for a referal service to a doctor specializing in your condition including dental. I called and left a message, the next night, a doctor called back and wanted my healthy history, meds, etc.

I spoke to this doctor for 40 minutes, he is the first person in six years that understood every function of the body, not just candida but how the brain sends signals to certain organs that cannot receive them if one is blocked, how candida causes blood Sugar problems that cause hormonal problems, adrenal, liver, kidney, etc. He asked me to send him a panerex x-ray, I got one and sent it to California.

He reviewed it with doctors in Mexico and they did agree that I needed all the teeth out but what they do different is what saved my life. When you pull a tooth, there is a periodontal ligament left that stays in the socket and literally rots, most dentists do not remove this and it causes a cavitation. root canals are deadly and just because you had mercury fillings out does not mean they got it out from under the gums but a panarex x-ray will show them even a tiny bit left. He has seen people with all their fillings out that didn't get well and until they have it corrected, they won't.

I didn't have any mercury in my gums or under it and only had one root canal but I did have mercury fillings. We don't know if that is what caused all of this but if I had my teeth extracted by an oral surgeon that was NOT familiar with cavitations and mercury, I would have only gotten sicker and I practially had to crawl on the plane as it was.

Dr. Barton works with over 200 doctors and dentists, it depends on what you need as to who he refers you to. After having a full mouth extraction, I took one Advil and had one day of minor swelling with no bruising. That was it, but, Dr. Barton had me rinsing with several products every 20 minutes for two days, I healed in a week what would take most over a month. I had IV's of hydrogen peroxide, chelation with DMPS, hyperthermia's where they heated me up to almost 105 and IV's of vitamins and minerals to help rebuild my system.

After the first IV of hydrogen peroxide, I had a bowel movement that night and it looked like fish eggs with some kind of oval shaped other things....ack. Dr. Barton said that the bacteria cannot live in oxygen or heat, we clobbered them with both and got some of the toxins and metals out.

He also has me juice everyday and has me on some supplements, I am doing a liver cleanse this weekend which is something I could never have done before without, as Dr. Barton said, "doing flip flops and turning colors".

I stayed at a hotel in California, every night Dr. Barton came to the hotel to check on me, I can call him 24/7 with anything I need and he does literally hold your hand throughout everything. He was very sick at one time, the doctors said he would never walk again, the man walks faster than anyone I know. He is a saint, I owe my life to him. I never wanted to lose my teeth and that is the extreme, most don't need half as much work done as I did but if you ignore what is going on in your mouth, it will not and I repeat, will NOT get better. He gets to what can be and most likely is the cause and then builds you up from there, understanding every single function of the body.

When I left I was at 5%, I am now, a two months later, at 70%. He does not blow smoke up anyone's arse, he says it like it is, but I do know one thing from my experience and others while I was there, if you do what he says, you can get well.

I truly thought I would not get well, the difference I have seen in two months is amazing at the very least. I functioned barely an hour or two a day before, while out in California, I was up at 6:00 am, was going all day and not tired at 11:00 pm. For those of you who are thinking you have tried everything and nothing works, I did the same thing for six years. At the time I truly believed I was going to die, literally, I have my life back and I will tell anyone and everyone how I did it and who helped me, I only wish I had found out sooner but am thankful either way. I no longer search the web daily, read every book, wonder what will happen next, if I have any questions, I pick up the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No other doctor would take a call unless they had an appointment, they closed their doors at 5 pm and turned off the phones, if something happened, I was left to suffer. Working with a doctor that has the old fashioned values and one that actually cares about people in addition to the fact that he knows everything about candida and all of it's affects has allowed me to relax and know I don't have to figure this out anymore, I let him do that. In a perfect world, we would never have gotten sick, if we did, the doc that got us well would be a 15 minute drive and would be the first one we isn't a perfect world. I gain zip from anyone calling Dr. Barton, he is a busy man and does a lot of his work over the phone with people all over the world, I am hoping by posting this and letting people know there really is a doctor that knows about this hideous illness and how to cure it..they can get well also and put their recovery story up as well. Getting your body in harmony again requires someone whow knows what is going on, not just one aspect of it but the entire body.

Dr. Keith Barton
La Mesa, CA

God Bless,



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