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Re: Has anyone trieed "DMPS" oral chelation? by Michelle ..... Amalgam Replacement Support Forum

Date:   5/19/2003 1:15:13 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I am disquisted by bio's response. I hope to God that he/she is not in the dental or medical field but there is alot he/she scewed and also left out. I spent years doing research on this very topic and also had suspicion of heavy metal toxicity from the best Dr.'s around after 13 years of unsuccesful treatment because of the unlying heavy metal burden.
Firstly, use of Amalgem is banned in other countries and in California they have to at least put up signs in the dental offices about the toxic agents for pregnant women or people with kidney problems. As far as I am concerned? What was done to me wasted my youth and was uninformed consent and until the Dental board stops being able to govern themselves and are held accountable for the harm they have caused and known of for many years. Just don't wanna deal with the fall out and in fact care less about the degenerating bodies they have caused, it will stay this way.
As you can clearly see, there are a huge # of educated dentists popping up all over the place who refuse to use amalgem. Maybe the ones who have already poisoned patients cannot live any other way but in denail? It is thought to be 3%
of the population that are suseptable to becoming toxic from these fillings and probably everyone will be when the body gets old and their body breaks down. Look in your dentists mouth before you get any work done? They could ba a nutty mad hatter? Did you know that whatever is left from the amalgem they put in your mouth, has to disposed of as a hazordous waste? Think about it? If you are sick and have chelation challenge testing and are shown to have high levels of mercury and maybe even copper(from a bright one from the 70's), then you need to get it out!!!!! I had chelation challnge testing and have basically something wrong with every system in my body and it came back high!! Since I had the amalgems removed? Many have commented on how much better I look and the output of calcium is back to normal so the osteo may not get as bad. I am not even close to 35 btw.
After the DMPS, I could breath. There was no confusion there. I hadn't been able to breathe well for so long I forgot how bad it was. My lugs were clear and my sinuses and sleep no longer required meds.
My advice and I do have much more knowledge then I am even sharing with you is to be challenge tested and if high? Which most aren't. Get out your fillings out by a dentist following proper protocol and then work on the removal from your body tissues and organs with the DMPS, or DMSA. Even if it takes you 10 years. If I were in goventment right now? Dentists would not govern themselves and maybe would even be able to get the treatment to remove it too, cuz lets face it.
Some dentists could be victems of the politics of it all and the big ol decision maker is the Dental Boards. One day peeps. There will be no more uninformed consent. Till that day comes, if you are ill? It is worthwhile to check out and see if there are underlying heavy metal toxicities(Especially if you have MD's and Specialists suspecting). Could also be diet to a degree if you are big on organ meats etc. I have never ate any? So bite on that bio! Later Peeps and good luck with your recovery no matter how long it takes. No point to do it unless you have positive challenge testing though. It was and has been hyped but the 3% is still to high a number to be uninformed and have your youth stolen. Informed consent in our right and at the possibity of being one of the 3%? I am sure most would not take the risk to end up sick and dyin basically. Not to scare but eventually when all your systes are attacked and weakened? What do you think the end result it? Renal failure to be precise after the immune system is dyregulatied etc. Should not be legal and may not be in the future. Forget the politics and do whatever you can, whenever you can. Take care of you!!!!


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