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Week 3 Colonix - What is This?? by raymond ..... Ask Shelley # 2

Date:   7/5/2004 8:13:29 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hi Shelley,

This cleanse is really starting to stir things up inside. I have been flying high health wise all of week two. Feeling better than I have in months. Then crash. Two days ago I started feeling things I haven't felt in months: right side pain, weakness, fuzzy upon arising, etc. In that timeframe, I started passing really weird bm's. Normally on this cleanse, my bm's are about 12-18" each morning. A ton of output. I am still doing that. However, two days ago, I felt this urge to go before bedtime, which is unusual for me. It was a pretty good sized bm, but it looked completely different than my normal fecal matter. It was a glob of cuts and slices/pine cone looking, BUT it was all stringed together in what looked like 1/2" clear/brown from the bm mucous. There were hundreds of sperm looking things attached to it - long stringy/tail looking with a head attached - you know, like a sperm looks. This morning I had my usual huge bm then immediately passed a second one. The first was the normal looking fecal matter. The 2nd was that cluster of sperm looking Pine Cone looking muck. This muck is never black, but the same color as my bm's. The difference between the two bm's though is amazing.

Are these parasites or new MP? I can pick it up with a Q-Tip (GAG) and it stays together, but it is like a long clingy strip versus impossible to break apart MP, and it is definitely not black.

I have never reacted to a cleanse like this one before. All of my other Bowel Cleanses just made me poop alot! The Oxypowder gave me gas cramps and pain as I was clearing an obstruction, which was fantastic. But other than that, the rest of that cleanse was status quo. This one has given me detox headaches twice, made me feel like I could fly, drudged up old aches and pain, and is making me pass all kinds of wild bm's. And I am only starting week 3. I can't wait until the end of the 2nd month! Hopefully I will be good and cleared out by then.

I hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July. Thanks for your help and advice as usual.


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