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Re: Candida. Frustrated as Hell!!! by evanluck ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/13/2006 3:10:36 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I understand where you are as I was there as well.

The cause of my frustration and lack of results was a fundamental misunderstanding of my situation.

Postings by moreless helped me understand that all illness including candida overgrowth is a result of body PH becoming too acidic. Once I understood this I began to focus on akalyzing my body and the candida symptoms just went away. Think of your body as a house. There is a natural balance of flora in your body that help regulate the PH. When your body PH is too akaline, bacteria is allowed to grow to make the body more acidic. When your body is too acidic, candida is allowed to grow to make your body more akaline. The problem comes when through diet, stress, antibiotics etc. our bodies are constantly too acidic, then the bodies natural reaction is to encourage candida growth until overgrowth occurs and we get all kinds of symptoms.

Restore your body PH and your symptoms will go away. It worked for me! I was where you were for about a year focusing on killing/starving the candida with anti-fungals, dealing with die-off symptoms not realizing that I was fighting an uphill battle against my body which was trying to use the candida to reduce my acidity.

So how do you reduce your acidity?

Here is a post by moreless where he summarizes his techniques. Doing all of this along with topical and internal Urine Therapy, I had significant symptom reduction in 5 days, and about a month later I'm 90% symptom free.

There is a solution. Lots of people have followed moreless' recommendations and have gotten healthy.

If you want to find out more about the science behind what is going on, click on the link that will link you to all of moreless' posts. I would recommend going through everyone on both this forum and the Acid/Akaline Balance forum.

God's Blessings and Guidance on your way to better health,


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