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Re: Candida. Frustrated as Hell!!! by remi96 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   4/13/2006 2:31:56 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Attempting to remove all mercury may or may not bring success. I was tested for mercury and have none in my blood yet I have had a horrible dose of candida. If you tested for high levels and wish to imprve your overall immune system no harm in trying to chelate. But I have known people who have done it and it made no difference with their candida. I also know people with mouthfuls of fillings and got well from candida. Ergo, the mercury link is not a means to and end but possibly a contributor only.

Four months is no time. That is really very little time to try to remove candida. It is a process sometimes taking longer than a year of constant vigilence. Diet, detox, lower stress, rebuild , minerals are critcal. If you have thyroid issues take coconut oil , it is the best thing for thyroid to restore function. But do not expect results over night. These are not chemicals that forceably change your body. They are healthy alternatives that slowly rebuild.

Many have gotten well, obviously they are not on the board anymore. It depends on how bad you have it, what you do to get rid of it, how diligent you are etc. A Dr. I spoke to said it is all about the diligence. Cheating on a diet can ruin months of progress so do so at your own risk. Getting off the diet too soon is another area where many fail. When symptoms go away is not the time to retrieve, you must drive it home at that point and take as many probiotics as you can.

Home fermented yogurt is highly recommended.

Colloidal Silver kills both the good and bad bacteria. Also do NOT use it for more than 2 weeks at a time or it will lose its effectiveness.

Your list of antifungals seems short... Try GSE, oregano oil, coconut oil both antifungal and great for thyroid, tons of raw garlic, etc.

You mentioned nothing about Ph or minerals. You might want to look into that. As candida causes severe mineral loss and then other problems such as thyroid as a result. Not replacing them will only allow more things to start happening. Get some concentrace liquid minerals and put in your water.

There is tons of info on this Read Read and ask questions



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