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Has anyone ever gotten there medical records? This should be illegal! Long Rant! by #56756 ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   3/2/2006 3:07:23 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Ok as some of you may or may not know i switched hospitals. They couldnt believe i didn't get adequate tests at the previous hospital so they asked if they could get my records from them. This to see were to start with my stomach pains etc. I said sure and signed some papers. I basically want to see what shape my Colon is in and do treatment accordingly. If its fine its fine, but i will know what steps to take. Most likely with the Natural way and maybe some "regular" stuff. So i wait a week and go back and sure as shit the records havent shown up yet. So i drive across town and go get them myself. Holy shit i couldn't belive what i was reading! To say stuff was left up to interpretation would be an understatement! Those records were filled with half truths and down right lie's. Again I couldnt believe what i was reading! The stuff that is said in the doctors offices are definately not what gets in those records! At least not in my case. Some of the things that were wrong were this.

1- I told one DR. that i couldnt eat and that was the reason i lost over 30 pounds. Well "Record's" stated that i told him I was trying to lose weight! TOTALLY FALSE!

2- This same doctor all year long raved about how great the "Amptriptyline" he had me on was working. He said in the records that it was helping my stomach and my sleep! Totally False on both counts. I havent slept well in 2 years and have been exhausted just as long. He even had the nerve to put i wake up feeling "fine and refreshed"

This doctor's "records" were just filled with misinformation and total lies.

3-Another Doctor had the nerve to tell me the reason i was so tired was cause i was depressed and that it had NOTHING to do with Mono. He said i needed to grow up and get control of myself. Well Guess what the records showed? Yep he said in the records that he told me i would be "fatigud" becasue of the Mono for months.

4-Have you ever thought Dr's think stuff is all in your head? Well go read your records! Everything is Blamed on depression! I had one doctor who i really liked and she was Super nice to me every time i went. Well i am reading her records and she puts in there that i was "Preoccupied" with my health. This was after, in passing, i said i was looking at the internet. She also said i was "anxious" and that she recoomended i see a Phyciatrist and that i REFUSED! This is total %¤#&!§-! Here is what happened. DR ask's "Are you on Zoloft" i say "yes". She says is it working i say "yes" Are you depressed? "No" i said. THAT WAS THE END OF IT! Then she puts that stuff in there? I seriously couldnt believe it.

5-Same doctor said that i was Drinking 4 beers every day! I havent drank for 4 straight days ever! I use to drink on weekends and i could count on one hand how many times i drank 3 days in a row. Every day? Were did she get that? Probabley were she got that i quit eating meat, and all fatty foods, which i never did or even said. Again were do they get this stuff?

I would go into more stuff but i would be here for another hour typing!

Every record i looked at was completely filled with lies. Seriously i went through them all and circled the stuff that was false and every page has numerous stuff circled! I seriously couldn't believe it! This latest experience has me really saying the f**k with the MD's completely. Honestly all those records were were Hogwash! Basically what the Dr.s want to put in there they do. Its actually comical cause its all worded in a way that suing would be difficult. When people say Medical Doctors are all "Politics" i have to agree. Cost me some money but it WAS well worth learning this lesson. I know for a fact every Dr. i now goto i will be making sure i get a copy of the record and transcription. My advice is this. If you havent been getting anywere or thinking the Dr.s arent taking you seriously do what i did and get the records. If the Dr.s are just telling you one thing and Writing and believing another it would be in your best interest to go elsewere or stop going at all. Thats imo.

Also i talked to my new doctor again and i dunno what happened there either. It was like she did a 180. The first visit she was all wanting to know and was talking about Probotic's and when i talked about Candida she was interested and was listening and writing everything down. I was so hyped. Well this time she was like a different person. Candida was false "as everyone has yeast in there intestinal tract" I said yes but not everyone has an overgrowth. I then said look at my tongue. She did and said it was normal. I said why is it white and pastey? She said that that happens when you dont drink enough water. I said well i drink a Gallon a day? Her answer? Yep you got it there wasnt one! Last time she was all talking about my intestine and this time it was my stomach. Last time she said my pains could be my pancreas this time it was my stomach. She said to take Prilosec! I asked why and she said cause you have to much acid.(even though no test showed this) I then said i believe i do not have enough acid and explained how i take HCl. She was like then oh no dont ever take that. I then explained to her how it works and detailed how it greatly improved my symptoms and yep you guessed it she had no answers. She said she would stop it and i said no way as thats the only thing that works so i cant. I dunno what happened with her. The first visit she ws great and this last she wasnt. i wonder if poiltics didnt get in the way here as well. I either think someone Higher up told her to knock off the "probotic's" and Candida stuff or she read my records (which she said she didnt have)and has already drawn a conclusion from the previous Dr.s who think i am nuts. God i was so phyched and now again i dont know what to do. I am thinking maybe this is a sign from God to keep going with what i was doing. I have been bowel cleansing for 2 months and i think i might start Liver Flushing again. I will also crank back up the Candida diet as i was getting a little Lax with a few cheats, even thought they didn't seem to bother. I also will look into Adrenals and not just do things cuz one person tells me too. If someone thinks Candida is there major problem that doesnt make it mine even though it might be. I will say the past few weeks of going back to MD's, taking a break from my "Natural" doctor and trying a few things out myself ahave gotten me focused back on the big picture. That big picture is getting Healthy and doing whats right for me! Thanks for reading!

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