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Re: Minuscule food portions? Quest. to Dahlimama $ Sannirad by stannarad ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   2/22/2006 8:18:31 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi! Yes, I had a food allergy profile about three years ago and the results were stunning. I was allergic to almost everything under the sun- chicken, beef, pork, eggs, some fishes, cabbage, soy, all kinds fo fruits and veggies too. I had been ill for so many years by then, that my leaky gut was out of control ( and still is! ). I went a whole year with my only meat/protein being a little bit of turkey and two kinds of fish. Very difficult indeed. Sadly, my leaky gut isn't healed up yet, so I am sure I've developed more food intolerances again. That is what happens- it's a whole vicious circle you know.

I wish I could help you more, but honestly, it's very difficult to know what to advise because we're all so different. That's something that doesn't seem to be recognized or appreciated here on this forum anymore.

You're correct about the good flora struggling to implant in an acidic/toxic environment. That may very be why so many of us are struggling to get back the proper balance. If it were as easy as just take some probiotics for a while, then we'd all be well by now :-). All in all, they do help, but some more than others. Like I said- I really like the Custom Probiotics and I think they really go to war with the nasties. Most don't have enough live bacterial content to do much good.

As for the cultured/aged foods. Well there again- some people have really been helped by them. Others just don't tolerate them at all. There's one man who posts on the Healthy Awareness Candida Forum who swears by them. He's been able to hold down a full time job and go along ok, so long as he eats lots of them. You could slowly try introducing some and see how you go. I may well try them again once I get my intestines calmed down. I've been battling with my gallbladder recently and now believe that the release of too much bile has been causing a lot of my gut problems. Good luck to you and I pray you find some answers soon.

Stanna :-)

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