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Re: Please, someone answer fast.... by aljosha ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   5/15/2005 11:55:04 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Dear Sue,

As I said before, I will answer all I have from my experience with ThreeLac.

I received it 5 days before.
The main thing of everything is this.
I am out of Nystatin, out of Terbafin, and I've left only my diet untouched and I am using the ThreeLac as prescribed. The first three days I had only one bag a day with 5 drops of Oxygen Plus.
Now I am on 2 bags a day and the same Q of OxyPlus.
As I said before, nothing big happened. I expected this reaction, but having all these on a mind that I am not having any else almost one week I am more than happy.
Many prostate symptoms are gone. I have a nice feeling I make a hole in my toilet .
This is after two long years. In that time I had to wake 3 times at night with bad hour trying to fall in sleep again.
Brain fog gone somewhere else. itching in my ears gone totally, indigestions at night is reduced gradually. Depression is so low as it doesn't exist anymore.
I have no fatigue anymore, irritability is lowest as ever. Sleeping is improved gradually. Only my Tinnitus is still here but I can live with it. Yesterday it was gone, but today is here again. My strange taste on my tongue is reduced more than half. Sex drive is much better. My wife seems to me is a quite different person, which is most important to me. No more nervousness, bad thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks and all things done by my 8 year old son now seems more easy to me.
Complete personality is returned back. My memory is lot better, clear minds, I don't need anymore spectacles to see how many kms I have on my odometer, many small things are lot better. My sneezing ( 5-6 times in 5 seconds ) is still here.My night nasal congestion is gradually improved. No more muscle pains Other people don't make me irritable anymore, I can communicate lot better than 5-6 years before. In the second ThreeLac day I removed a kidney stone in only 35 minutes.No more joint pain and swelling. No more pain in the chest.
I have no more tingling in my toes, arms, and legs. No more cramps, no more no power feelings. My sense of humor is back, my good mood is back.
No more cravings, just one left, that one for my wife.
In one word, my life is back.
ThreeLac helping me so much.
If this is the right answer to you, I will be more than happy. I hope one week to wait for the ThreeLac delivery is not too big deal.
I ordered thru Mona and had very cheap shipping charge.It cost me no more than NZ$105.00
$35 less than ordering from Christchurch.
I hope this will help.
I had your breads and I find they are very useful. If is there any chance to make them with no yeast, would be 100% better. Have you ever tried to make yeast from chick peas ? If you haven't just try. Very special taste.
My phone is 09-570-6335 home, and 521-0440 work. If you have any question,
Don't hesitate to call me please.

Respectfully Submitted,
Ljudmil Nikuljski - Nik.


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