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Date:   4/1/2023 12:58:03 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
Hits:   2,141

This forum is the second forum and the result of the curezone owner "asking" and making both forums. The curezone from day 1 was a European owned effort to sale the hulda clark books/products and some how they had shulze---most likely they purchased shulze. Often good people tried these forums and quickly discovered "bad" people are what the internet has been full of since the first day---the curezone was tormented with thieves liars and con men their very first day...this forum was filled with thieves the very first week it was created by the owner of the curezone.

The owner enabled the forums to BLOCK / ERASE all the spam, thieves and mentally ill seeking to trick / rob those that read such forums. They had volunteer monitors to look for and erase and block these cons / crooks and those seeking to fill the curezone with harmful content that tricked people to harm them selves---today such places are called tic-tok and endless social media platforms full of predators seeking to rob the elderly and hurt the children.

Apparently the curezone owner SOLD - OUT or died or for 1 reason or the other--abandoned the curezone and the people fled after the new owners removed the monitors and abilities to block / erase the trash from the forums---then instantly the curezone turned into endless google/chinese ads that have been none stop for 10 years, which suggest they purchased the curezone and their desire has always been left/woke/destroy all that is good and the curezone the 100% opposite and "they" simple enjoy taking the curezone and destroying it and for a full 10 years it has been destroyed which simply means the curezone wants and encourages the criminals / cons / perverts / liars to harm as many of the readers as they can...the curezone blocks none of the destroyers, which proves they wanted the curezone turned into a dead zone where everything can't be trusted and thieves search for potential victims to harm and rob any way possible.

THIS was all done by the year 2012----nothing, not 1 thing can be trusted ---they went through all the past material prior to 2012 and altered it, destroyed it, did anything they wanted to ensure all people world wide that stumbled upon the curezone would be "tricked" and as a result "waste" their time as they searched the internet for information to help them with their health issues.

THE CUREZONE OWNER originally was all about Hulda Clark and the removal of PARASITES and avoiding poisons-----once sold out or going 100% woke---the curezone became the opposite and a place to avoid.

For 10 years the curezone has been taken by PARASITES and the new owners welcome that --their woke agenda is to destroy health and destroy the world population of humans.

It is a dead zone.....those that understood this for the past 10 years have always known they can e-mail direct......nothing can be discussed on the curezone that has any value, because all that is healthy education, drives the woke insane.

The first and this second forum combined was by far always the largest "hits" and "if" the owner had not sold out/died/what ever and kept his original curezone----this forum would have been 4x larger and real-------but for the past 10+ years....100% of the past content is subject to have been "altered" and there for 100% worthless---exactly as to be expected from the woke owners.

woke is a word used today to simple mean----DESTRUCTION

In Biblical terms the woke are the walking zombies of the end times. They have consumed the cities and the internet is their playground. Darkness enables them to pray upon their victims. False education is their tool.


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