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Re: Oregano Oil by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   2/1/2023 3:42:46 PM ( 4 months ago ago)
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Interesting how NPCs see the creation of another human, just like cattle; ‘we need more humans to keep the economy going’, ‘we need more humans to take care of the elderly’, ‘let's make more humans like we increase the production of cattle because we need more meat’. A human seen just like raw material to feed the system and keep it going. This is the great humanity they want to perpetuate by recruiting unwilling participants and conditioning them to continue this cycle. Also remember, who is going to take care of you when you are old?
Plus, it's not even a guarantee that that's gonna happen. Lots of things can happen, like: they can end up not caring about you and thus leaving you all alone, they might move abroad and you might never see them again, they might die in a car accident, they might be born with a disability and hence they won't be able to even sustain themselves, and the list goes on and on. But people ditch all of this because they are sure that these things won't happen to them, like ever… UNTIL IT DOES. The richest want and need cheap labour, as well as consumers that need/want their products and services. Hence the incentives to have kids.

It's just funny how anyone needs a license to drive and a license to do pretty much anything, BUT not for forcing innocent beings into this existence of exploitation, suffering and death.

Breediots are empty, deplorable, lonely, purposeless, psychopathic megalomaniacal power tripping control freak terrorists, molesters, virtue signalling tyrants. Breediots need some defenceless weak small human being(s) who they can LEGALLY kick/punch/threaten/boss around/order around/indoctrinate with their utter BS.

If an unborn soul existed and if it could take a look at the world beforehand, it would never choose to come into existence.

I'm so glad I have a brain that gets preventionism! I may exist, but at least I can sleep the sleep of innocence, and face myself in the mirror, NOT having blood/death on my hands.

Just look at the human body, it’s whole design is created for optimal suffering.

“I gave you life.”... Nope, you imposed it on me, and life is inherently and irredeemably bad. You deprived me of freedom from deprivation and needless suffering.

Breediots are death factories.

Breediots are needy, codependent, narcissistic, deplorable psychopaths. They lack logic, compassion & empathy. They know breeding is the easiest way to have a codependent, narcissistic supply!

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