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Re: Breediot 'logic' 101 by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/30/2022 12:50:52 PM ( 10 months ago ago)
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Breediots are so needy that they look down on people just minding their own business because they don't care to entertain them. This life is so horrible that breeders cope by looking for constant entertainment/stimulation from others. It's the main reason breeders have children...

None of us chose to be born why should I,or anyone else be grateful,for something we did not consciously sign up for. Did any of us ask for pain/suffering which = anguish did any of us consciously ask to be worked to death,and having to constantly worry about money,for our daily survival did any of us consciously ask to live in fear of being potentially murdered,raped or robbed 🤔🤔 I certainly didnít.

Love it when breeders say nonsense like "life is sacred" and "children is so important", while also trying to prove how non-selfish they are and how having children is such great thing to achieve, when in fact they care not at all about what the child may really want, as long as they get what they want and satisfy their own emotions and insecurities, but using someone elseís life to get it.

Retards will breed and overpopulate this hell for maximum suffering.

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