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Re: Essential Oil of Wild Oregano by legna ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/11/2022 2:48:29 PM ( 10 months ago ago)
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the thing is that the common pedestrian out there hardly ever thinks. they are completely and utterly brainwashed. they were told what to think, what to do and what to desire. that is exactly what they do. anything outside that script is seen as evil and bad. they still think they are living in wonderland or disney world and that anything bad can be shoo away by just repeating some stupid "positive" phrase like, what does not kill me makes me stronger.

there is also this movie mentality of the warrior, that you have to be a warrior and that by becoming a warrior they become special. people do not analyze this reality, they just want to follow the script given, get married and have children because that is how the world should be. say no more, they just do that because that is how this world is.

they just need to look and think a little bit, they witnessed all the hardships and struggle their parents went through to feed them, they experienced all the struggle when growing up, having to wake up at 4am to catch a damn bus to go to school, then having to become slaves. slaving away in night shift (sleep deprivation is exciting), spending 90% of their lives as slaves, having little money to do what they want, experiencing some exotic disease and yet, they decide they want another person, another human, to experience the same bullshit because reasons.

actually, we know all the reasons and we know they are completely irrational, emotinal and selfish but, they were told what they had to do and they will do it and, just like religious/insane people, they will justify it by any means possible even if the justification makes no sense.

or they just will cover their eyes and ears and ignore reality. on the other hand if they do not follow the script then they are left with nothing. most of them will be left with nothing. what else is left to do but to do what everybody else is doing. so in order to not get bored and to feel like special snowflakes they must follow the herd.

because we must push humanity to infinity and beyond by recruiting unwilling participants, participants that in the end are indoctrinated and brainwashed in order to follow orders. that is a sad part. the indoctrination.

Retards will breed and overpopulate this hell for maximum suffering.

If this place/world was set up ethically and parents would have to ask their kids permission to bring them here we most likely wouldn’t exist or it would just be a small population of idiots in idiocracy. Just imagine if your parents would have to tell you what this world is, what life is really about, that you are going to surely, toil, suffer, be depressed, disappointed, heartbroken at times and sooner or later die? Just imagine they would have to be transparent with you about the family history of diseases, their financial situation and what they have for you to inherit which will be most likely nothing and you will be thrown under the bus like most at 14 or 16 or 18 and thrust into a cruel world and a hard struggle trying to find your way starting from poverty? Just imagine all that and also imagine the ability of the unborn child to PUNCH the parents in the face with brass knuckles on. lol and even if the kid is an idiot and says yes to it all they should still be denied life because obviously they are not intelligent enough to know how to make choices that are in their best interest.

Breediot ‘logic’: ‘You don't understand! If I don't have 5+ offsprings, who's going to find my body when I die? Also, how am I going to be remembered in the year 7522?!’’




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