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Is this a worm egg? Larvae? Dead Worm? by AlfredBuchi ..... Ask Humaworm: Parasites

Date:   10/26/2022 11:04:18 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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I'm posting here in desperate hopes that I can find help with diagnosing a parasite infection. Or that anyone can recommend someone in the Southern California area who may be able to help.

Immediately after consuming sushi (Michelin star restaurant, paid $400 to get sick) in July 2021 my tongue became extremely tingly and later that day into the next week, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and tingly fingers/hands when I sleep. No history of fish allergies or any allergies of any kind. Eaten sushi fairly often for years. After those initial symptoms subsided after a week or two I did not think too much about it but persistent lingering symptoms have me concerned.

Symptoms mostly include right side abdominal discomfort/mild pain in the general gal bladder area, pain level 1-2/10 that has been ongoing for more than 1 year along with poor stool quality.

Multiple fecal and blood tests have been negative/normal. CT scan revealed nothing unusual. My gastroenterologist doesn't seem to take much interest in pursuing my issue. However my stool has what I would say are clearly eggs or possibly dead worms (god I hope they are dead). I also seem to be expelling small (bb sized) spherical gal stones but have not been able to verify gal stones in CT scan. I've read that bile duct blockage from a worm can cause stones.

I took one dose (200mg twice in one day) of albendazole approx. 2 months ago and have had some stool quality improvements since then and after my first decent BM in a year I expelled what I think was some kind of red bloody worm 2-3" long, but have more recently found 4-5 of these hard coiled worms in my stool the past week and need to figure out what these are. Mild side pain remains fairly constant. I hope this means they died and are finally coming out, but I also believe these could be eggs? My Dr. has not been responsive and I am looking for additional support. I am very concerned there could be more of these in other parts of my body. Especially given the muscle cramping and pain in the early weeks of symptoms.

Please see attached photo of what I believe are Ascaris worms or worm eggs? Snails? - any ANY advice or recommendations you may have for me would be hugely appreciated. Clearly I am not eating coiled worm candies and this has to be something other than normal...

Thank you so much,


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