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Re: kitties and puppies by #69242 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   10/3/2022 3:43:54 PM ( 8 months ago ago)
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everything you post---is 100% the same as AOC/democrat post---hatred of children, parents and hate all families....abortions/death. Masons all idolize the popes, they all speak/write in opposites---they lie 24/7 as their motto, the entire world now knows thanks to Trump that the democrats 100% lie and what ever they call anyone else, always describes them selves. 100% of what they accused Trump of doing---they were all doing. All organized--all college brothers/sister masons that all 100% serve the popes. They "all" take their orders from the popes. The masons accept all religions and races, the only requirements is that you lie 24/7.

The college kids that want to make lots of $$$, all become democrats in college, learn to hate God and give their life to the popes---they become licensed and if they ever dare try to resign----they committed suicide or had a heart attack according to the local sheriff/coroner/judge/newspaper... brothers and sisters till death...they are so corrupt, they have only hatred for good.

REPENT , get a real job, find a mate, have some children far far away from the cities....

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