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Re: Brazil by legna ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   9/24/2022 6:43:56 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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Nobody is anti-natalist. I am anti perpetuating suffering and death and anti death-cultism in which loser breediots are part of.

You and other death cult member breediots still can't provide ONE moral and/or ethical and/or logical/rational and/or non-selfish reason to force innocent souls into this dimension, against their will, aka without their permission/consent into a lifelong of suffering from all points of views and finally DEATH.

You see, when you force innocent souls against their will, without their permission/consent into this 'heavenly' dimension of a lifelong suffering and DEATH to satisfy your sadistic/megalomaniacal/loser/purposeless/bored to death/virtue signalling/ emotion-instinct driven(like a wild animal/beast) nature, you actually become THE ROOT CAUSE of their death since children are NOT immortal.

I love children so much that I will NOT force any child against his/her will into this heavenly dimensions to experience all the 'gifts' and 'wonders' of life such as a lifelong suffering from all points of views and sooner or (if lucky) later: DEATH.

I am NOT going to cause the DEATH of anybody or anything but YOU and other breediots caused and ARE causing and WILL cause the death of billions of children.

I hope you realise that the root cause of the suffering and death of your children is: YOU.

I often wonder how can you sleep at night and live with yourself during the day KNOWING that your children will DIE because of YOUR boredom, poverty, selfishness, loneliness, irresponsibility, hope syndrome complex, hopium addiction, low IQ, megalomania, shallowness, emptiness, vanity, drama queen/king complex syndrome, hero complex syndrome, God complex syndrome, narcissism, virtue signalling syndrome, ignorance, arrogance, entitlement complex syndrome, needing a retirement plan.

Breediots are quite astonishingly evil and the ROOT CAUSE of ALL problems since the beginning of time.

Not ONE person unfortunate enough to be born escapes suffering or causing suffering. Sentient life is a construct of the most unimaginable, incomprehensible evil there is. To reproduce is the most vile, immoral crime/sin possible. Try asking people why they wanna have kids and I guarantee none of those reasons have the child's wellbeing in mind. ALL of the reasons are for the parent's own fulfillment.

Having kids is purely a selfish desire, no one has kids for the sake of the children, they do it for their own wants and "needs".
Breediot losers are THE root of ALL evil and ALL problems.
THE root cause of ALL of your past, current and future problems were, are and will be your breediot parents. You do not owe anything to your breediot parents, THEY owe you everything since they forced upon you the ‘wonders’ and the ‘gift(s)’ of ‘life’.
Work like a slave, retire right into the grave.
Breediots are a death cult. Creating more death (and misery/suffering/’needs’) with every pump.

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