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Re: Lymes by #69242 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   9/18/2022 6:29:18 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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is there such a thing as a "friendly" bacteria? NO WORM is a "friendly"-----worms at all their stages eat "HUMAN FLESH", especially the liver---the liver is an all night 24/7 diner for worm.

I DO NOT believe in the "friendly" bacteria "theory"----it makes zero sense to have thousands, even millions-billions of microscopic virus/bacteria.......HIV / AIDS a perfect example---surgeons are trained to believe there can be tens of thousands of HIV / AIDS viruses on "STERILIZED" surgical instruments after just 5 minutes of being exposed to the open air in a drs. office......thousands just on the tip of a "needle" and such drs often have many years first hand experience in Africa with HIV/AIDS ---sometimes spending 10 years in the field before returning home to be a general practitioner.

What they call---IMMUNITY kills/eats/dissolves and expels out the elimination organs such disease.... HEALTHY BLOOD allows humans live in a world of PARASITES----

YOU / WE all like in an OCEAN of parasites known as "AIR" and that air has been loaded with metals every day since 1949 to warm up the earth, to avoid an ice age. Aluminum and Titanium Dioxide---literally "RAINS" down upon you like a metallic shower filling every breath of air you have ever taken in your entire lifetime and you can "easily" expel such metals out your stomach / liver / tongue and you always are expelling these metals out your hair and skin and down the toilet...

THE AIR is ALIVE with parasites---literally making air an OCEAN that humans wade through their entire lifetime and EVERY BREATH has thousands of living / breathing / eating microscopic creatures...

"IF" you want to see the aluminum / titanium dioxide---use a sighting scope on "full" power on a bright full sun day and look across the horizon and you will see the metals raining down from the skies above----OTHERWISE buy a simple high powered flashlight for about $20 and go out after dark, on a CALM EVENING with no wind-----point your flashlight up and it looks exactly like a home that has "carpets" and you open the curtain/blind and allow the bright sun to shine through and expose the billions of particles of DUST in any average home---dust that ALL HAS LIVING PARASITES living on that dust that is breathed in with every breath.

MICROSCOPIC CREATURES have no beneficial use inside or on the human body------, these theories are all created by "BACKWARDS" medical colleges that will never ever teach how the human body is designed to function---because in general--they are anti Nature and they want to be gods and believe what they want to believe.

to be continued


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