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Longevity by #69242 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   8/5/2022 4:02:19 PM ( 6 months ago ago)
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Besides all the obvious things such as--protect your self at all times and all that you call home

health determines how long your able to fight off the evil of the health fails, the predators smell their chance to kill and take what you had

Rock in the organs is number 1 reason for death and as you grow heavy with rock buildup, the parasites feast on the dying flesh

Rock is avoided by stop drinking rock, do not eat rock----all pretty simple via habit/duet change

The mud is a different problem, the clogged liver that backs up the sludge into the breast/neck/arms and eventually fills the legs----that stuff clogs your heart and makes your skin and hair look like your 500 years old

WORMS / Disease not much of a problem "IF" you avoid the rock and keep the mud out---parasites do their job---they eat the sick

I showed Dr. Hulda Clark a long time ago that because LIKE dissolves LIKE, her 21 day mop up program can do some pretty remarkable results in human health----she reacted in the opposite of what I would have expected from her............proving the 21 day mop up program was not her idea--in fact, most of what she wrote about came from old medical books and people she met........she was the author/self-printer.

The only mystery in the 21 mop up program is the part that "OZONE" plays---ozone is nothing more than burnt air. The vitamins she used, nothing really, other than the high dosage of co-q10....those things are not the point ---the point is consumption of 1 ounce of FROZEN olive oil daily and I am sure the results would be the same if there was no ozone or supplements.....because the law of LIKE DISSOLVES LIKE applies

Yet, the total package can result in a wart free body in less than 2 weeks and that fact alone--is something medical can not achieve.

The 21 day mop up program needs to be 100% revamped and possibly be done daily for months, even years or for life.....why? Because the idea of using FROZEN Olive Oil makes it all so SIMPLE, because when frozen, it is so easy to consume and naturally it does not need to use olive oil-----far better can be used.

The goal would be:

CLEAN LIVER / Gallbladder

CLEAN chest / neck, arms---all lymph glands RESTORED to proper size and free of MUD and worms

Along with a worm free body----free of disease (as long as rock was removed and avoided)

EVERY BOOK has "ideas", the clark books are loaded with ideas, some bad, some good, but all can be done better..

some of the clark ideas can make you acidic, literally 2/3 her books are bad, even toxic, while 1/3 can be miraculous results

the high dosage co-q10 can literally put you in bed with a fever/flu like symptoms that will not stop until you stop the co-q10

towards the end---she really went off the deep end condemning garlic and taking huge dosages of essential oils....a desire for mexican ground water and seems she never understood clean water or alkalinity.

If the ozone machine could be avoided snd just use frozen oils---it would be extremely cheap and anyone could do......a decent ozone machine cost about $150+ and even Dr. Clark herself condemned their use, prior to her 21 day mop up program---she never ever wanted anyone to breath in the burnt air----ozone being harmful air.

1 day soon, I am going to try the 21 day mop up program for the second time and make it "different", with far more theory, it could be 1 of the easiest, greatest methods to increase longevity with such little effort.


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