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Kidney Problems by Bezukhov1814 ..... Kidney Failure/Dialysis Forum

Date:   7/28/2022 8:16:50 PM ( 4 months ago ago)
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Hello, folks -

I'm going to try to keep this post brief. However, there is additional history that is relevant; I'll provide that information if the responders think that it should be so provided.

Late last year, I decided to use a SOTA (Bob Beck) Pulser in coordination with a specific food regimen in an attempt to ameliorate some ongoing health problems. The regimen instructed me to discontinue the use of caffeine, alcohol, supplements, pharmaceuticals (which I didn't use), etc., prior to using the pulser. I followed the directions accordingly, and stopped all stimulants and supplements about a week prior to starting use of the pulser.

At two (2) days into the regimen, I developed severe nerve pain at the base of my spine. This lasted for two (2) days, at which time the pain moved to my forehead between my eyes. I discontinued the regimen - and use of the pulser - at this time, and the pain was alleviated. I subsequently returned to consuming caffeine (coffee and tea) and using supplements.

Around the first of March of this year (2022), I decided to try the pulser again without the dietary regimen. The instruction manual for the pulser did not say that caffeine could not be consumed while using the device; however, I spaced the consumption a few hours apart from the pulsing. A couple days later, however, I developed severe pain in my kidneys along with extreme difficulty in urination. Concomitantly, I had the need to urinate even more frequently -I have had prostate, bladder and frequent urination problems for years - which directly affected my ability to get restful and uninterrupted sleep. I also simultaneously developed "floaters" in both eyes; said "floaters" are still with me.

Once the foregoing problems presented themselves, I immediately stopped using both caffeine and the pulser. (I have neither consumed caffeine nor used the pulser since then.) Subsequently, I have used many kidney cleanses (Moritz, Clark, Schultz, etc.), but have only achieved minimal improvement.

There's currently not much pain in my kidneys. Additionally, the overall quantity of urine produced per day is relatively the same as it has been for years.

The main problem now is the fact that I can't sleep for more than three (3) hours without waking to urinate. Some nights are spent with little to no sleep.

In the interest of brevity, I'll start winding this post down. Be advised that I have searched this site (and others) for relevant information that might provide insight, but nothing that I've encountered thus far has proven helpful.

I'd greatly appreciate any thoughts that any and all of you may have regarding a realistic solution. I'm also acutely aware that the solution might not be an easy one.

Thanks in advance.

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