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DC to AC by #69242 ..... Ask Trapper

Date:   5/28/2022 2:29:42 PM ( 7 months ago ago)
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Electric, like water, air and food have been under attack along time---as is land and homes now being taken by wall-street fake $$$....the USA is defeated after 120+ years

They insure you that your gas will go away, your diesel history---no matter how many they have to "replace' to achieve their goals..

THEY PROMISE your electric is going to fail---------

With out electric, they can turn America into Thailand, a place where people BEG for fuel and clean water...and females under attack / used world wide

Via fuel, they know they can make slaves of all, exterminate the breeds they don't like. Given enough time----They can turn the world into Japan.

PROPANE is one of the last freedoms-----they own your city gas, but tanks of PROPANE is freedom and soon they will destroy that......soon they will force all on their electric and turn all their slaves into beggars....exactly like they did to many islands and countries all over earth-----via control of all fuel.


Honda has gas generators that will Idle when little eletric is required and they will speed up when allot of electric is required...THESE ON DEMAND GENERATORS are what people need............HONDA only makes them as gas.........but AMISH take them and convert to's amish ALL LOVE ELECTRIC, as long as it does not come from THE MAN

The Amish are the original Hippies---they stay away from THE MAN that seeks to control people.

FREEDOM is a 1,000 gallon tank of PROPANE (or more) and 1 or 2 propane powered generators.

THEN, you need a Pure Wave Inverter that takes DC and turns it into AC---even though the amish do have all home appliances that will work on 12 volt DC

When you generator is running, you charge your batteries and those send 12 volt into your inverter that makes you AC when your generator is off

BATTERIES can last 10 years....................if you have solar, they feed the batteries that then feed the inverter.

PEOPLE will not adapt backwards to NO ELECTRIC

The cities will riot and burn to the ground the day they shut off the free electric and free food---"the man" uses his slaves on free food, free electric as their ace in the hole----the man "knows" all the working people fear the slaves kept on free food and free electric and the working people will "obey" the man, out of fear if the "kept" people will burn the cities to the ground......

the man operates on "fear"

Having your own food, your own land, your own electric---is the american dream---something wallstreet is robbing america of today---wallstreet now owns the housing---realtors all selling to wallstreet... once all humans are "renters", the man will "own" all humans as their slaves....only free people can make their own electric, raise their own food and that is forbidden in the "organized" world of professional slave owners.

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