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Re: Abemaciclib tablets for oral administration by legna ..... Cancer Forum

Date:   12/21/2021 9:15:14 AM ( 17 months ago ago)
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Why the sheeple still buying into the total ridiculous absurd lies?

It is very simple: COWARDICE.

COWARDICE 'infects' sheeple with the ONLY existing 'viruses', such as:
1. Virtue Signaling Syndrome 'virus';
2. Stockholm Syndrome 'virus';
3. Cognitive Dissonance 'virus';
4. Milgram Experiment 'virus';
5. Normalcy Bias 'virus';
6. Learned Helplessness 'virus';
7. Statism 'virus': the worship of the *satanic doctrines of the pedo-cannbial-satanist con-artists, prancing around in/on the hypnotist-box/idiot-box/teLIEvision, wearing suits-ties, white coats-stethoscopes and uniforms-badges, acting confidently and authoritatively. LMFAO ROTF

*The satanic doctrines being the most dangerous religions and subreligions ever invented, all based on 110% lies/inversion of reality, namely:

1. HELLiocentrianity (since it is straight from hell, TOTALLY the opposite of God's word: the Bible), from which stems its sub-religion:

2. The 'germ' THEORYslam, aka the total lie that 'germs' cause 'dis-eases' and are 'contagious'

60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1976):

Dr Robert Willner Injects "HIV" into himself on TV:

T.C. Fry The Great AIDS Hoax, The Myth of Contagion Interview – Mirrored:


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