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Re: Peppermint Syrup by UserX ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/28/2021 1:41:56 PM ( 10 months ago ago)
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every good health book says to not drink while eating.

Drink before a meal is preferred.

Drinking with the meal---enables too much to be eaten........

The average person barely chews their food. That none liquidized food makes for a belly ache.

Poor chewed food does not have the correct saliva.

THE STOMACH is forever working too hard, the small intestines "burned" physically as a result, the blood robbed of the calcium balance and the heart paying the price.......people adapt to that as "NORMAL".......

I have never seen or known of a person that eats correctly in current times.

MEDICAL proved proper chewing and digestion and named it FLETCHER-ISM after the man that studied it and proved grown people should do well with eating no more than 11 ounces of food per day.

Drinking water/tea/pop/booze with the meal---enables pounds of food to be consumed.

Humans can never chew/eat meat, unless they chew it to a liquid first and if they chewed it 40x or any food 40x, that was determined the "best". 11 ounces of trash food chewed 40x before swallowing was what they determined the "best". Surely anyone trying that, would tire of chewing.

Dr John R. Christopher preachers that you CHEW your JUICE, because anything swallowed not mixed properly with saliva will cause digestion problems.

EVERY human eats them selves to an early grave. Doctors learned to not educate about diet and use drugs to enable people to eat longer.

GINGER if someone can tolerate the taste---is known as one of the better herbs/teas for digestion as are many various fruits/herbs........BUT increasing stomach acid, only quickens the aging process.

The more acidic the stomach, the faster the person ages badly.....acids eat the body up from the inside out and once the skin is ate up---people look extremely "aged"

The Alkaline Stomach is the foundation of all true health education. Medical believes in the acid stomach, because all of medical creates an acid body.

NO HUMAN can be dumb enough to believe there should be anything "acid" in their body that flows with alkaline blood. The 2 do not mix. It is 1 or the other. Blood below pH 7 = death.

ALL THAT SNOT and MUCUS people cough up and blow out of their body------was created to protect the delegate lung tissues from "acids". Those with sleep apnea eat them selves to death---they choke on the slime that tries to protect their lungs----BURN the LUNGS and death is certain.

YET, people love acid pop, acid drinks of all commercial foods are full of ACID so parasites will not eat it...........the late Dr. Hulda Clark killed her self, with consumption of vitamin c powder. STERILIZED her self to DEATH..........she knew it, but did it anyway.

Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. proved to the world ALKALINITY-----the yearly medical hard back journals printed his success every year----his clinic proved it with all disease---harvard.yale/rockerfeller proved and agreed with Hay by 1950 as the medical cure for all diseases. USING ORANGE JUICE

The Dr. Hay 14 day clinic was an EDUCATION on how to save your own life, by understanding alkalinity. Understanding proper diet is no more than 1/6th of the cure for all and with advanced germ and chemical and now nano tube tech--------and their desire to kill all humans by age 40.........many other things are equally important as proper diet----------avoiding death by chemicals/germs and electronics has affected the majority of all children before they are 30 days old...."IF" an "average" child lives to age 21, they will spend the rest of their entire life trying to undo the damage done by their parents, but much of the damage was done before they were completely formed in their mother's womb and the damage "permanent" --impossible to change, but every human that likes living---can easily choose to live better, by simply eating better. Those that do not have the $$$ to eat better, have been fighting for life since their first breath of air.


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