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help, blastocystis hominis, dybiosis and candida. by #273372 ..... Parasites: RX Drugs Against Parasites

Date:   9/21/2021 4:10:36 AM ( 73 days ago ago)
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Hey all, this is my first post in this website, Ive been looking at some old threads in other forums but im very lost, I dont know what to do or where to start..
Im a 28 y/0 male from Mexico, used to do bodybuilding and I did some dirty bulking for several years which in my opinion contributed to all my health probelms, that, pluys constant stress, horrible habits like nail bitting and nose picking, didnt chew my food I just swallowed it and drank GALLONS of water with my meals, always ate really late, suffrered from chronic infections (Toxoplasmosis and other one Im not sure prob. E.coli) I,ve had several Antibiotic treatments..

Last year right when COVID hit, I realized my digestive system was a MESS, I was having the following symptoms
- Constipation
- Brain fog
- Chronic fatigue
- Depression
- Anxiety
- Bloating
- Loose stools
- Eczema
- Gastritis
- Reflux
- Lots of gas
- food allergies
- Constant mucus clearing in throat
- Lump in throat

I went to several gastros and no one found anything, just BLASTO which doctors did wanted to treat because they say its common in Mexico and its not whats causing my symptoms, IM SURE ITS CONTRIBUTING THO.
Had a endoscopy and confirmed gastritis with no pylori found, colonoscopy with no IBD or polyps or anything abnormal, bloods are "normal" but Linfocites % are high and neutrofils absolutes are high. On stool testing, Blastocystis hominis and Calprotectin/Lactoferrin high.

GI MAP indicated H.Pylori, dysbiosis pattern with opportunistic bacteria overgrowth and candida. (No blasto)
After that ive done some gut healing protocols, incluidng some coffee enemas for liver detoxing, cleaned my diet with no sugar, no carbs (which bloat me) no diary, no grains/legumes, which has helped to a degree, ive rotated from natural antimicrobials ffor 2 months including Uva Ursi, Grape seed extract, Oregano Oil, candibactin AR and BR from metagenics, and took Zinc L-Carnosine for my gastritis, and took a supplement called Pyloristat for 2 months.
Something in that protocol healed my gastritis and reflux is better (I think I might have Silent reflux), but Im still sufferring from some constipation, bloating and brain fog and some bladder incontinence which I think its caused by all the bloating because ive had several exams which demonstrate that my bladder is fine..
I almost completed Hulda Clark s parasite cleanse, with some herx reactions.
I took Rifaximine for 2 weeks, and didnt help at all..
Im going daily to the bathroom and my stools are looking decent, not watery but not well formed and I can see food in them (spinach, some nuts) which Im trying to fix by healing low stomach acid (After my gut protocol I WAS TAKING UP TO 7 HCL pills but stopped because I felt it wasnt doing anything, but i have low stomach acid for sure)

So here I am looking for guidence, im currently supporting my liver by taking Ascorbic acid 2000mg, Molbydenum 1g (for candida toxins), green tea, and Milk thistle 175 mgs a day.
but after starting this I got a little more constipated and I was having some mild pain on my lower rib, so Im thinking I might have something in my liver. I want to try Liver Flushing but I think I must re-attempt a parasite cleanse first before continuing to the flsuh or the elimination fase for my candida/dysbiosis..

Doctors dont want to prescribe Antibiotics for Blasto and tbh im scared it will make my dysbiosis worse since triple Antibiotic is very harsh on the body. Any recommendation on how to treat it, or what should I do first?

Yours in health

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