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Re: Bald Spots by MH 108 8 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/19/2021 4:14:29 PM ( 5 months ago ago)
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Heavy metals plague all humans, all air breathing mammals---so in that theory, all humans would be bald.

EVERY BREATH of air anyone has ever taken after the 1950's has been loaded with metals and EVERY CITY HUMAN would be bald as a balling ball with that theory if they drank or bathed in their city water.

EVERY human test + for metals that were used in bombs dating back to world war 2.

EVERY HUMAN with dentist damage should be bald as can be possible--------yet, many with the worse diets, worse possible prescription daily drug use and mouthful of dental metals living on city water and toxic sugar drinks---have full heavy / thick hair...........

So heavy metals are just 1 of many reasons people loose total health and total health affects hair health.

TOO MANY TEENAGE MALES by late teens go bald or those that their ENTIRE BODY is 100% BALD---more than likely have an extreme skin parasite problem ----BECAUSE one of the better / current time utube videos of an european male video taping how worms crawl out his skin and fall off from his toes to his face---that particular male is body /100% BALD.....

Old medical parasite books show that EVERY HAIR has a parasite living in the base of each hair on the OIL............the oil is blood free and HOME to a worm.

EVERYWHERE there is no fresh flowing blood---such as in the clear fluids, oils and ducts, you will find lots of WORMS.

The human eyes can even have worms in the eye ball. They have amazing photos today where they do eye examines of people that have worms crawling inside their eye balls.


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