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vaccine by #263144 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   5/13/2021 12:43:50 PM ( 74 days ago ago)
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local man, age 33, single, school teacher, pastor's kid--------------within 48 hours of vaccine:

numb fingers and hands

3rd day, laying in hospital, 4th day paralyzed from the neck down
10 days later the only thing he can move is his eyes.

fed by a tube, a hole in his throat so he can breathe

was diagnosed with a rare french syndrome, now 14 days---hospital says NO, must be something different, but all their test always inconclusive.

doctors from all over stop by to see him---------THAT FACT is proof his body is an "experiment"

They choose single young people to experiment upon and always---you will see doctors flying in from the major hospitals too look .............

I knew a similar age you man 30 years ago that got divorced and his family M.D. gave him a depressant and with in 30 days, he had a disease that only 11 people in the country had and doctor were flying in to look at him....I TOLD HIM that is ###### UP and he tried a couple of simple things, like olive leaf, oregano and in a few days he told the doctors to get the ##### out of his life and he returned to health---once off the medical death drugs.......he went to school to be a massage therapist and quit his well paying engineer job.

THEY KILL and they like victims that have little to no family---they rob and kill elderly coast to coast via lawyers/pastors/judges/hospitals that ALL are brothers from similar colleges. THEY ARE MURDERS with a gov state license to rob, then kill. The coroner and judge enables it all, with the crooked sheriffs....they all party in the same club---THE MASONS....they kill each other for power in every town USA.

What else would you expect---the white coats murdered over 200 million at the end of world war 1, they have used vaccines to murder over a billion people ---they murder hundreds of millions of babies and in 2020, they were all handed 1 trillion $$$$$$$$$$$ to exterminate people in 220+ countries.............


You can't, if your doped, poisoned and enjoy pot and booze as your phone trains your brain.


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