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Toxocara ? by mattk3 ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   3/7/2021 6:11:56 PM ( 3 months ago ago)
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I write this in an effort to identify the only visible eye worm our group has seen.

There is another potential infection that causes eye worm infections. It is Toxocara. Possibly Cati.

Toxocara can be tested for, kind of.

Reports of Treatment Failures:

The BCC group tracks several, who have tried various treatments, 4 persons using several different formulas of conventional meds, non of which provided a cure for their complicated infections.

Management seams to be the best outcome for most using common meds. DEC and IVM studies show minimal systemic effect. A comprehensive formula has yet to be developed which attacks multiple worm stages. Once systemic, studies indicate cures are rare. Certainly early treatment is the best approach.

For Management of Toxocara > Over the last few weeks there have been many suggested approaches. Many of these are in documented studies, but the missing word in these studies is the word "Cure". This metric is not used in parasitology, since parasites do not exist in medicine.
> 1. Mebendazole with Milk thistle and stinging nettle
> 2. Tribendimidine *
> 3. Pyrantel
> 4. Milbemycin

* Studies have shown Tribendimidine can provide up to 87% cure rates. It is unknown what the complicated infection cure rate will be.

There is an effort underway in the Facebook group to test this solution. This is the direction the BCC group is heading also.

Report of a Toxocara Cure:

The only reported cure I know of is the following BCC report, in a relatively uncomplicated infection, is as follows:

"Pretty sure the thin white worms I had which were about 3 to 3.5cm long from memory were probably Toxocara cati (the cat roundworm). I used Mebendazole and took 1 pill night & 1 pill morning but only took for 3 days then 4 off then the reverse for about 6 weeks along with milk thistle & nettle; that got them going!!! Stuff maybe unrelated came out from between my ribs and out through skin, then white worms which were not many and were writhing in my feet occasionally (probably about 3 in each foot) migrated up and then came out my nose!!!

However as you know, that wasn't the only problem so had to tackle the other things.

I am pretty sure the white worms are no longer a problem!!!"

I hope this helps.

Of 250 BCC people over the years, there have been half a dozen infections of Toxocara.

Medical Parasitology London is the only location that reliably tests for Toxocara, that we know of.

Other species that effect the eye, have not been identified or "seen" in the BCC group.

Many species and stages can effect the eye, vision, with ENT symptoms, dozens of species. But domestically, few species are actually seen by the naked eye, in or on the eye itself.


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