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Re: Carrots, Berberine for Cancer by UserX ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   7/1/2020 1:14:08 PM ( 24 months ago ago)
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Is it counterproductive to use both carrot juice and berberine as a cancer treatment?

dr. john r. christopher loved carrot juice because it is an easy to grow garden vegetable. I self-experimented with it for years.
I like the taste, but I concluded that carrots / carrot juice to be a near worthless vegetable, as are most all man developed vegetables.
They grow too fast and if left in the ground for years, the orange carrot will return back to a wild carrot. Wild Carrots are found most everywhere.

"IF" you follow the Dr. Howard Hay, M.D. method of orange juice fasting-----you can reach a point of health that if you drink carrot juice, the carrot juice will exist your body looking like it did when you drank it----your blood stream has zero use for carrots.

Sugar in the carrot juice carries the anti-cancer properties into the cancer cell but Berberine works by depriving cancer of sugar.

maybe 25 years ago a few doctors developed a sugar product made of 7 different sugars, I forget what they called it; they sold it in plastic jars. THEY CLAIMED many elderly were so sugar deficient that when some would eat the sugar they would get up out of their wheel chairs and walk out of the old folks homes.
Those type doctors say their are 220+ different sugars in herbs and we humans do well on all of them.

Wish I'd thought of that before buying 20 lbs. of organic carrots.

Places like restaurant depo you can buy giant bags of carrots, many animals like rabbits, pigs, alpacas, etc. love to eat them.

IF you research human health, you should conclude that most all man developed vegetables are harmful and not healthy foods. BETTER than boxed commercial foods, but not true human foods.

Cancer is a huge subject and been studied for 100+ years--medical knows everything there can be known about that subject. Most will say they weaponized it by the late 40's through 60's via the polio vaccines.

Cancers start with the liver. Cancers are a result of failures of health, so you start with all the basics of organ repair and get the body working properly.

CANCERS rarely kill anyone unless medical drugs and operations are used--again, the Dr. Howard hay, M.D. Way was a cure for all.......they put their knives down, their drugs down and they cured via education and corrective diet and habits---proof people harm them selves over their lifetime and correction helps the body restore its self.

SADLy most humans do years of medical, end up with extreme cancers and "then" after given up by medical, start looking at herbs and natural methods. The opposite of what they should have done.


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