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Lugol, dosage, selenium? Swelling also. by pierretrubb ..... Iodine Supplementation Support by VWT Team

Date:   4/8/2020 12:46:56 AM ( 32 months ago ago)
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Hello guys.

I'm new to this Iodine world.
BTW i inform the Webmaster of the forum that the mailing system is not working.

I'm a male 26yo 78kgs no known thyroid problems.
From europe(portugal), which bromide should not be a major problem i guess.

So to start, I've been taking doses ranging 6-9 drops daily of Lugol 5% for three weeks now. Along with the companions. Selenium as selenomethionine 400-600mcg now i've lowered to 200mcg-400mcg. Vit C to bowel tolerance + Atp cofactors Magnesium, Zinc Iron NAC and some coq10 etc all spread throughout the day i did stop the salt loads not sure if i should.

At the beginning i did have some major swelling on the right side of the neck where my parathyroid is. I do worry about this.

The main side effect that I'm having now is some discomfort(cannot call it pain) on the right side(i can actually see the shape of the parathyroid from the skin) no lumps there or anything, it's just bigger i guess, also it does feel hard. And the lymphs just above do sometimes swell too (seems controlled after some enemas and liver flushes). Swelling is still there, sometimes it goes bigger sometimes it goes smaller. Also, the palm of my hands seems to become yellow as if the Iodine is coming out from the skin when I'm at 9 drops. Does not happen with 7 drops. Hair seems to be falling more, although still not at a point to worry.
Is this normal?
How do i know if i'm taking enough selenium?
How can one know if the thyroid is "oxidizing" too much due to low selenium?

Seems that i feel better on the selenium from healthleads uk (same brand of the Lugol i use) i did used before one from fairvital ( brand). They do both smell the same way, both state to have 200mcg of selenomethionine. I guess selenium has a garlic like smell.

Altought if someone have an opinion on those brands please advise. How can one be sure that there are 200mcg inside one pill?

I do feel better on iodine. Detox is behind already i guess but i'm worried about this.

Thanks, looking forward for your opinion.

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