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Re: Hope you are all trying to heal in this period of isolation - I most definitely am by Forever21 ..... Peeling Lips Exfoliative Cheilitis

Date:   4/7/2020 8:30:29 PM ( 30 months ago ago)
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Aquaphor doesn't even moisturize, smoothen, or soften the lips short term or long term. Most lip balms/ointments are occlusive and they never deeply penetrate the skin to fully repair of reverse the chronic dryness and scaling. They just sit on top of the surface and provide an external barrier. Our lips are suffering from chronic loss moisture and suppleness; it explains why most people without EC have soft lips regardless of the amount of lip balm they regularly apply.

I'm looking into functional medicine because western (conventional) medicine is nothing more than disease management and suppression of symptoms and that's the worse 'solution' for us exfoliative cheilitis sufferers. Conventional dermatologists temporarily treat chronic skin conditions without studying, investigating, or treating the underlying cause(s). I absolutely loathe those pieces of shits because they categorize EC as 'temporary dry lips, recommend aquaphor, vaseline, cortisones, and send you one your way.

I'm taking my time during this quarantine to search for other resources outside of the shitty dermatology 'healthcare' that we have. Might as well call it MedicineCare because that's really all it is.

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